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*38 weeks on Tues.
*OB appoint. yesterday and BP was 149/97...only taken once in office (not my OB - she's on vacation) but I guess i'm ok with that since monitoring at home is consistently lower - still 130s/80s.
*starting NST monitoring on Mon and might ensure bloods are drawn then too.
*trace of protein in my urine.
*no symptoms but didn't have symptoms until post-partum last time (this I am NOT looking forward to).

I'm hanging in there.  Doing lots of embroidery and twittering with my feet up.  Naps too.

hello to all, just wanted to introduce myself.

I had PE (worse post-partum) with my first son almost 5 years ago.  I was scared out of my mind and became symptomatic several days after my delivery at which time my BP was as high as 215/112 and my head felt like it was gonna blow off.  Labetalol for 2 months was successful.

I am now 36 weeks and my BP is starting to creep, 130s/80s which really isn't bad at all but i'm off work now and at home taking it easy and keeping a close watch.  Up until now BP was steady at 110ish/70.  I'm really hoping I don't develop the same issues post partum that I did last time.

I look forward to chatting with you.


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