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Oh, I am so sorry for your loss.  I know it is devastating!  I had a miscarriage in October, 2005 and it sounds like what you were describing, though I had it earlier on (10 weeks).  It was horrible.  I am so sorry you had to go through that. My heart just goes out to you. The next year, I got pregnant and had a beautiful and healthy son (who is 2 now) with  no complications, so rest assured, even if you have one m/c, it doesn't mean that you will necessarily have another, so I wish you the absolute best next time!  I was interested in your story because I am now pregnant (26 weeks) and have had unexplained bright red bleeding (spotting once and gushes after I went to the bathroom) here in the 2nd trimester.  I was in the ER once and L&D twice; they cannot figure out what caused the bleeding as I had no placenta previa and the baby is growing and looking good.  However, I have been on modified bed rest ever since (for 3 months).   It's scary that the placenta could be infected and they cannot detect it on ultrasound.  I am praying like crazy that all will be well; our baby girl is due October 10.   I am just incredibly sorry and mourn with you for your loss.  I cannot imagine how hard that must've been.  I am thankful that your hospital staff was so caring.  If I were you, I would switch OB/GYNs!  I have at times been exasperated because my Dr. is SO cautious and conservative but after reading your story, I will never feel that way again.  Thank you for sharing and may God bless you and bring another sweet baby your way as soon as possible.  SIncerely, Holly

Hi, everyone.  I have had gushes of unexplained bleeding several times in the 2nd trimester (am almost in week 27 and the 3rd trimester now).  I have been on modified bed rest since May 3; I'm going stir crazy!  The good news is that all my ultrasounds have looked great; Drs. cannot find a reason for the bleeding (no previa, no clots they can find, nothing); I have been to the ER once and L&D once, to the perinatologist a few times, and they have never been able to figure out the reason, so to be safe, they put me on this modified bed rest.  My Dr. doesn't want me to drive, I'm on complete pelvic rest, can't do housework or rough house with my 2 year old son; this is nothing new to you guys, and I know I am SO lucky to be on modified rather than strict bed rest, but it is still pretty incapacitating and I am hoping that on my next ultrasound (at 27 weeks), I will get a reprieve!  I hate not being active; I had just joined a gym when I got put on bed rest so had to put the membership on hold.  I have gained 27 lbs. already and think it would've been less if I had been going to the gym.  I don't think I'm overeating but I could probably cut out some sodas and desserts!  (ha)  It's hard being a SAHM and not being able to take care of the house or play with my son.  All I do is make meals and do a bit of laundry (which my hubby has to carry up and down the stairs for me).  It's hard to feel so useless, even though I know that I am doing what is right for my little baby girl (due October 10).  I feel a little silly being on this site when so many of you have more severe problems.  But I am still a little scared and feeling a little bit lonely and depressed.  People don't really understand; they think it would be great to stay at home and do nothing but read and watch TV (as if that's really possible anyway, right?), so I am reluctant to really talk to my friends much about it as most of them work outside the home and just don't get it.  Is anyone else on modified bed rest and feeling like this?  Anyone in a similar boat?  Thanks for letting me vent; I'm so happy to have found this site! 

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