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I'm in the same boat! My contractions started at 32wks. I spent a few hours in the hospital and got a terbutaline shot. Thought they stopped and went home. A few hours later they were back again. I went back to L&D for several more hours. Received 3 more terb shots and procardia. They didn't stop but did slow down. The next day back in L&D again. This time I stayed overnight. I was sent home on bedrest and procardia every 4 hours. Still having contractions and by 33wks I was sent back to L&D with contractions every 2-3 minutes apart. I ended up staying 5 days and did 2 days of magnesium sulfate IV. (NOT FUN!) So I was able to  come home on bedrest and the procardia. It's been working much better. I was 50% effaced and cervix closed last Thursday so I'm interested to see if there has been any changes. Good luck and wish you well!  ;D

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