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In the hospital....

Hi my name is Katie and I am 31 weeks 2 days pregnant with twins. I also have complete previa but never had any issues until last Wednesday at exactly 30 weeks.

I got up in the morning and I had a really bad but quick cramp and I didn't think too much of it so I went to the bathroom and felt a huge gush but again stupid me I still must have been asleep b/c I thought it was pee, lol. But when I stood up I saw the entire toilet was full of blood. So I called DH and my sister (who is a nurse) and my mom and the OB and 911 (but then hung up lol)l, you can see I was panicking. So first the police got there and stayed with me until DH got there. My sister got here next and grabbed my bag and then DH came. The police wanted to know if we needed the medic still but we said no since DH was home and I wasn't still bleeding. But the police gave us a police escort with lights and sirens and all.

When we got to the hospital L&D was waiting for us outside with a wheelchair and whisked us upstairs. The had me get right in bed and undressed me from there. They placed an IV and put me on the monitors. Then my OB checked me by just looking to see if I was dilated but everything looked closed. I was having small contractions every 2-3 min apart so they started the magnesium to stop the labor. I had a really bad reaction to it and my blood pressure dropped to 50/30 and I almost passed out  and felt like I was on fire. But the initial large dose was quick and then they lowered it and I felt better. Still crappy but better, lol. Later they did an u/s to check for more bleeds and there were none. I also had the trans vaginal u/s to check for cervix thinning/opening but everything looked perfect.  I couldn't eat for 24 hours but I wasn't hungry anyway. I stayed on the mag 48 hours and on the monitors in L&D that whole time with a catheter, too. I had 2 doses of the steroids to mature their lungs. After 2 days I was allowed to go to the bathroom and take a shower. One of the worst parts was that it look me an hour to go toosie, it was awful. Then DH washed my hair for me and helped me shower b/c I was weak from the mag and I was moved up to the post partum floor for a few days. The OB said I could go home on Monday but be on strict bedrest.
Then on Saturday at midnight DH was helping me out of bed to go to the bathroom and as soon as I stood, blood started gushing everywhere again, it felt like so much just pouring out. So the nurses rushed me back down to L&D in a c-section prep and hold room. The bleeding had stopped though so I just spent the night back down there on the monitors. Wasn't really contracting either, just the continued uterine irritability. The next day they moved me back upstairs and the verdict was that I was not going anywhere until the babies came. That night I also had to have a blood transfusion because I was severely anemic from the blood loss. I already was slightly anemic anyway. That whole thing really grossed me out but I felt soooo much better.
I had to have the catheter in for a few days again too.  But now I use the bedpan which is of so fun. Another thing I have had since getting here are those annoying air cuffs that wrap around your calves to prevent blood clots and of course an IV. I also have gotten a few IV bags of iron. I get monitored twice a day (babies sound great!) and they do vital checks every 4 hours which is annoying when I am sleeping. That is not as bas as the first week when I also had people drawing blood in the middle of the night, too..My peri comes in here every morning around 630am to check on me and it is sooo early, ugh. Around 8 the OB checks on me. I still have uterine irritability and bad braxton hicks contractions but none that are productive so that is good. They say its normal for twins anyway..Lastly, I was wheeled over in my bed to my peri's office for my level 2 ultrasound that I had scheduled anyway. The babies look great and are a good size. Baby A is 3lbs 6 oz and Baby B is 3 lbs 2 oz. I hope they get to at least 4 pounds before they arrive!

So it took me about a week to get back to feeling like my normal self and get used to being stuck here. My family has been so great. DH stayed by my side for a week but had to go back to work then which is fine. He sleeps here every night on the awful couch/bed and he takes care of me. Makes sure I have what I need/want and even helps with the bedpan! He couldn't be any more doting :)  My mom and sister have also been awesome. They visit to break up my day and also take turns staying with me at night 2 days a week when DH goes to his 2nd job (430-930) since it is further away and I don't want to be alone if something happens. Maybe I will start to feel more comfortable soon.

I'm pretty settled now. I have DVDs, books, magazines. The hospital lent me this laptop which is great!! DH has lots of food in the fridge for his lunches and dinners.

My OB says she hopes to get us to 34 or 35 weeks so it won't be too long and I hope the babies get nice and fat by then!

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