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Making the Best of Bed Rest / Re: Monday Roll Call! December 14, 2009
« on: December 15, 2009 at 01:09 AM »
24 weeks, on bedrest at home.  2.58 cervical length. baby is 1 poind 8 ounces.   week;y dr says cervix (inner oc) closed.  PRAYING to make it work at home and avoid hopital stay so early.  for some reason i have a terrible sore throat... treating with zipromax (sp?)  hurts so bad to swollow and I'm dried out all the time.  on terb and 17p too so who knows what causes what these day.
hope everyone is good out there!

Making the Best of Bed Rest / Re: Roll Call! How's every one doing?
« on: December 07, 2009 at 09:49 PM »
thanks for checking on us.... better than displaying on twitter all your bizness.

23 weeks pg, cervical cerclage at 13 weeks, home bedrest, uterine monitoring, 17P, weekly cervical exams (previous preterm birth @29w)

today's dr appointment results:  my reg OB was unavailable and his colleague filled in.  not a good experience.  exam was painful.  then he says that the outer oc is open and inner os is closed.  says that I'm fine for another week at home rather than hospital.  says that he doubts that I will be home during holidays.  WTF? 

I never have known to classified the cervix as such.  always hear that my cerix was closed.  guess its good the inner is closed. 
Don't understand why if my inner cervix is closed, he can make an assessment that in 2 weeks that I would be in the hospital?  i cried all the way home.... whats the point of all that I'm doing if nothing I do will help?  I'm already on bedrest at home with OB visits as the only place I go. 

my hubby emailed our reg OB who spoke with his colleague.  OB told us that we're status quo and no issues or else in hospital.  Plus, he did not think that we needed to worry about holidays if things continue to stay status quo as they have been so far.  totally different message heard than the other OB.  amazing how communications matter in keeping the blood pressure down or up. 

also, was told that I need to have anatomy scan done this or next week.  so.... here is the next question...I have always had a short cervix.  I'm not 4cm when not pregnant.    If I'm 2cm (i am guessing here), will I be able to carry this baby longer?  how does cervical length tie to % PTL?  tried to look online but unable to find it. 

please keep us in prayers... having lots of bad thoughts and need some positive energy,

Since 14 weeks of pregnancy, I've had either BV or recurring yeast.  Flagyl treated BV, but the yeast is out of control every week.  I try diet changes, probiotics and RX creams but nothing helps knock this out permanently except having a baby.  (I never had this before pregnancy so this is all new)  Putting something inside causes spotting since its all charged up tin here.  Asked my high risk OB and he says I have yeast and stay on RX tercon...  I wondered if I should be put on antibiotics, but he says that these cause more problems for PTL b/c it can cause another infection to opportunistically come in given that antibiotics kill the good and the bad.  So, why am I feeling like a sitting duck here?  Anyone had the same issue?  I want to avoid infection causing any water to break which I read and heard can be caused by vaginal infections.  Could use some practical advice.  I'm 22 weeks now.

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