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I'm not on bed rest this pregnancy but I was on hospital bed rest in my last pregnancy (2 years ago). They started giving me a daily shot of heparin as soon as I started the bed rest. I guess they thought I would be confined to bed for many weeks (I ended up giving birth only in 6 days of bed rest).

My high risk doctor said short cervix or imcompetent cervix is an issue until about 30 weeks, at which point the baby is wide enough to be held by your pelvic bones, therefore relieving the cervix from a lot of pressure and weight.

Can't you ask to be monitored every two weeks until 32-34 weeks? 26 weeks is still too early. I had my baby around 26 weeks and I wish I could have stayed pregnant at least until 30 weeks.  It would have made a huge difference for the baby.

Hello everyone.
I was here in 2011, when I was having a problem with short cervix and risk of preterm birth. Well, that pregnancy didn't last long - only about 25 weeks but today I have a beautiful thriving girl who loves eating, dancing, and talking. But, let me add that, she has come a long way. She (and my husband and I) spent 142 days in the NICU.

I was told after her birth that I should plan my next pregnancy very carefully and should be referred to a high risk ob/gyn.

Well, I became pregnant again this year, but it was completely unplanned for. It was so unexpected that I thought I had early symptoms of stomach cancer because I had nausea for so many days. Any way, when I found out, I was already 8 weeks. Obviously, I am very worried I am going to have another preterm birth. My family doctor sent a referral to the special pregnancy clinic at the hospital my first baby was born (one of the 2 hospitals with L&D and Level 3 NICU). That was more than 2 weeks ago but I have not heard back from them. I am worried that the timing for cerclage might be missed if I don't get an appointment in the next 2-3 weeks. I called to ask them about the status of my referral but apparently the triage reviews all referrals and books appointments based on "priority". Until I get a spot in the special clinic, I am just seeing my family doctor.

Worst of all, I am going to be completely tied up at work next 2-3 weeks because I work in accounting and Mar 31 is our year-end. I am going to go crazy! I should have planned this more carefully and consulted with the doctor before I got even pregnant!! I am not enjoying this pregnancy at all because of all the stress.

Making the Best of Bed Rest / Re: Crazy stranger comments
« on: June 20, 2011 at 02:05 AM »
Though this is not about a total stranger, I did have some ladies in my workplace who used to touch my tummy (with or without asking for my permission)... I felt kind of awkward, but not quite offended. And some would comment that I had such a small baby bump and compared mine to that of another lady who was also pregnant at the time. This, I didn't enjoy hearing. However, after my pregnancy lasted only 6 months and my third trimester was entirely skipped, I now kinda miss that attention, albeit intrusive.

Making the Best of Bed Rest / Re: Twins are here!
« on: June 20, 2011 at 01:45 AM »
Wow! Congratulations!!!
Though I am no longer pregnant, I keep checking back to see how everyone's doing, and today I hear great news from you.
You should be very proud of youself - on bedrest since 17 weeks and here you are now with the bundles of joy in your arms
I am sure you have given hope and inspiration to a lot of ladies on this forum.

Well, I wish you and your family all the best. I hope Beckett learns to latch soon. Keep trying.

Making the Best of Bed Rest / Re: Twins arrived- 29 weeks 1 day
« on: June 20, 2011 at 01:23 AM »
Congratulations. You've made it to 29 weeks and I am sure that has made a huge difference in your babies.  As they say, each additional day is better. All the docs and nurses also describe my baby girl as "active" and "feisty". Yes, being feisty is better than lethargic and limp, but sometimes you will get worried because they try to pull wires & tubes and knock things off (you should see mine trying to pull out the ventilator - so cute but also sad).

All the best to you and the twins.... and keep on pumping - the first 2 weeks is very important in establishing the milk volume.

Hi everyone. Thank you so much for thinking of us and sending me encouragements.
As some of you who have experienced preterm birth already know, the life in NICU is a roller coaster. Yes, that is what the doctors, nurses, and social worker told me at the beginning and it really is a roller coaster.
My baby is on a ventilator now but is stable, fortunately. I think I spent the first 10 days crying at her bedside but now I am emotionally more stable and somewhat able to cope. I am taking just one day at a time, whatever that comes up that day...
I will keep you updated if possible. Once again, thanks everyone for your support.

I hope you can reach 28 weeks and then have your baby.
Discussing with NICU about your baby's health is going to be really painful and devastating, even though you know that not all of those things they mention to you are going to happen and that they try to prepare you for the worst.
Just several hours before I delivered my baby few days ago, I asked the ob if he could administer any medication to delay the labour even for a few days (to reach 26 weeks) and he said waiting for another 2-3 days to meet 26 weeks did not look too much beneficial for the baby because the membrane had already been exposed and there was a greater chance for an infection. So, here I am, a mommy to 25+5 week preemie. There are so many happy-ending stories of 25, 26 weekers but I think to get to that happy ending, it takes a lot of strength, love, and faith - faith in your child and also the medical staff.
Wishing you safe birth of your baby and many more coming years of happiness and health...

Sadly we haven't even named our baby yet. We really didn't think she was going to arrive this soon. We have 3-4 names picked out and just have to decide which one of those.

I just came back from visiting my baby. I was holding her on my bare chest for one hour and singing to her the songs I used to sing for her every night before going to bed when I was pregnant with her. So far, she's stable, so I am going to stay hopeful.

Thanks for all the wishes and prayers for our baby girl. I do wish you happy, healthy pregnancy.

Hello everyone.
Just wanted to update you on my status. As you can see in my subject line, I ended up delivering my baby girl this morning.
Yesterday was my 6th day on bed rest, being 25 weeks and 4 days, still far from my first goal  of reaching the 28th week.
Prior to yesterday, I had no labour symptoms except dilated cervix but yesterday I had very mild cramping in the afternoon. I let my nurse know (just in case) and she put me on the contraction monitor for an hour. Then after reading the graphs, she wheeled me to L&D around 7pm as pecaution. Even at this point, it was stil just mild cramping and tightening feelings that I thought were branxton hicks.
I spent the night in L&D with occasional contractions and pain that slowly creeped up in intensity. After a couple of vaginal exams, it looked like I was going to deliver quite soon. It was a long agonizing night because I was still hoping that this was just a false alarm and I would be able to head back to my hospital room and continue cooking my baby for 2 more weeks. At 6am, the full blown labour pain started and I knew this was the point of no return. As one of the attending doctors told me, premature birth really does progress very fast - I was fully dialated before 8am and delivered my baby at 8:37. The baby's condition looks good for now. I am optimistic... I believe she is a fighter and will become a strong baby.

I couldn't help crying every time I was with her today. It's a mixed emotion - mostly it's guilt... having to push her out of womb too early, having to leave her alone in the incubator, and so on. But also watching her breathe in air and sleep peacefully also brings joyful tears to my eyes. Those of you who have given me a lot of hope, advice, and encouragement in the last 5 weeks, THANK YOU very much. I wish you all happy pregnancy and heathy babies.

Making the Best of Bed Rest / Re: Monday Roll Call for May 31st
« on: May 30, 2011 at 02:56 PM »
This is my 5th day on hospital bedrest. So far time has been just flying by even though I don't try to keep myself busy. It's a good thing, but who knows when this will wear off, as this is only my 5th day...  :)
So far no contraction, no cramping, no fluid leaking, ... so I am just here in bed cooking the baby.

I am 25 weeks and 4 days today. I joined this forum when I was 20 weeks. At that time even the 24 week milestone seemed so distant but hey, I already passed it and am moving toward my next goal - 28th week. I hope I can be one of you who just hit 30-something weeks.... congratulations and keep on going ladies.

I am very sorry for your losses. I have never had a miscarriage but I can feel your pain.... I hope you get through this pregnancy and your baby will be born healthy at full term.

I think I have a similar medical situation as you...  Even after measuring 22mm at 19 weeks, my ob didn't recommend cerclage, bed rest or more frequent cervical scan (I didn't ask her about cerlage but I did specifically ask her about bed rest and weekly ultransound). I also asked her about the frequent braxton hicks I was getting. She said those were normal tightenings as long as they didn't cause cervical change...(but how would I know if my cervix was changing..???) However she did start me on progestereone (in suppositories). Only after my cervix started funnelling, she said all of a sudden I needed bed rest and weekly ultraound. I was already 24 + 6 weeks, a month and half since we first found that I had short cervix. Then, after declaring me bed rest, she checked the cervix and said it was actually 2cm dialated and I needed to stay in hospital. The following day, another doctor did a vaginal exam and she said i was further dilated and had bulging membrane. All this time I have had no painful contractions, but just what I thought were braxton hicks... In the end I still don't know what caused my cervix to open. Even the hospital's contraction monitor didn't pick up any contraction worth noting down.

So.... I think you need to be a bit more aggressive and proactive. I am sure my doctor didn't know I would dilate this soon either but I regret that I did't ask her to monitor me more frequently or transfer me to a high risk doctor. By the way I am in Canada, and here it seems prescribing progesterone is quite common. One doctor told me it helps quieten down uterine contractions and told me to increase my dose from 100mg to 200mg as there is no harm in doing it. About the efficacy of bedresting... my ob did not recommend me bedrest either but in the end, after finding out funnelling, dilation and whatnot, that is what she ORDERED. So I am thinking,... if they are going to ask you to bed rest after things worsen so much,  why not ask the patients to do it earlier???

I don't have a medical history of having blood clots... and my BP has actually been on the lower side, before and during this pregnancy.
I am going to ask the doctors today when they make their morning rounds.

sarahker : my ob told me to stay in this hospital at least until 32nd week (my ob is not at this hospital but she transferred me here because of level 3 nicu). The docs at this hospital also told me that my expected discharge date is 32nd week, so it looks like all the docs want to keep me in hospital bed at least for the next 6-7 weeks.

Hi everyone.
Today's my 4th day on hospital bed rest. Starting 2 days ago, I have been getting 2 shots of heparin each day to prevent blood clots from forming because I am restricted to bed. I get these injections on my tummy and the shots really sting (not as much as the steroid shots but....still) For those of you who are on hospital bed rest, are you also receiving any anticoagulant? I am going to ask the doctor tomorrow whether these injections are really necessary since I am allowed to walk to the bathroom and it is not like I am completely confined to bed. My belly is already very sore on both sides because of the total six shots I have gotten so far - soon I will run out of space for more injections.

wow... i have been put in the same bed position as well.... but for me it has been only 2 days. I was eating yesterday with my head lower and the food ran back up my esophagus. I then asked the nurse if I could get tilted up while eating, and she said yes.... so I started eating sitting up slightly but quckily lowered the upper body when I finished eating.

I will keep your story in my mind and will be cautious too. Thank you for sharing.

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