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Making the Best of Bed Rest / Re: Monday Roll Call for May 8, 2017
« on: May 09, 2017 at 08:39 AM »
Well, it was an uneventful week up until yesterday. I was doing laundry and fluid started gushing out, so much that I needed to put a towel between my legs to stop it running down my legs and onto the floor. So, I went to L&D where they put me on the monitors and did the swabs, the first swab from my pad came back positive for fluid, the second swab from my cervix and the fFN came back negative. I was contracting regularly the whole time. Anyway, the ultrasound showed a slight reduction in fluid from my last BPP, but overall they're not 100% certain it was amniotic fluid and if it was they're confident that it is a high leak which can sometimes seal back up on it's own, so they're hoping that's what happened where the swab on my pad (which I put on right after the leaking started) was positive but the swab from my cervix was negative. I'm 34 weeks on Wednesday, which is the cut off for when I'd have to get transferred to the bigger hospital, if I can make it to Wednesday I can deliver closer to home and not have to be separated from  my husband and kids, which is a goal that everyone wants. 

I talked it over with my doctor and we're both comfortable that I go home and take my temp several times/day, if I get a fever, if I have a sudden gush, or if the contractions get worse then I have to go back in. The goal for everyone is to get me to Wednesday when I won't need a transfer no matter what happens. I have to go back today to retest the fluid and do another NST (they did my BPP today since I needed one anyway so my next BPP will be on Thursday) and I'm officially on 100% pelvic rest in case it is a high leak, so no sex, no baths, and no cervix checks aside from the sterile speculum exams to get the swabs.

Making the Best of Bed Rest / Re: Monday Roll Call for May 1, 2017
« on: May 02, 2017 at 12:57 PM »
Update from my prenatal appointment and BPP today:

Ben is holding stable but I've lost weight (4lbs) in the past two weeks so they're having me up my calories even more, I have no idea how I'm going to fit anymore into me than I already do!!! And my cervix is low, anterior, thin, soft, and 2cm dilated (33 weeks tomorrow), doc said she'd be happy to see me get to 34 weeks, so we'll see what happens, had a steroid shot today and I'll have another one tomorrow (can do that at the hospital here, she already called the order in so at least I don't have to miss another day of work for it), just in case Ben decides to come early. She'll check my cervix again on Friday when I have my next BPP and as long as I'm not 3cm dilated I'll get to go home and just wait to see what happens! If I do progress to 3cm they'll admit me, not sure for how long, she's just worried with my history of precipitous delivery that things could get moving quickly and we don't want even a full term baby born on the side of the road, let alone a late preterm one!

She said once I hit 34 weeks then they won't try to delay delivery anymore if he wants to come early and I won't necessarily need to be transferred to Halifax to deliver and Ben won't need to be transferred unless he starts to struggle so holding my breath until next Wednesday and really starting to freak out that he might be here in the next week or so :O I'm not ready yet!!!!! I don't even have the bassinet set up or anything!!!!!!

Making the Best of Bed Rest / Re: Monday Roll Call for May 1, 2017
« on: May 01, 2017 at 05:20 PM »
I'm doing better this week, Ben's activity has improved since taking the combantrin so the lack of parasite infection, the added calories, and the extra iron seem to be doing some good. Been on modified bedrest since 24 weeks, and I'm 33 weeks on Wednesday so almost 9 weeks of bedrest so far. Having lots of painful contractions this week but just as I prepare to head to L&D they settle down. I have appointments tomorrow (prenatal appointment and biophysical profile) and again on Friday (biophysical profile), hoping to see some improvement with Ben's growth this week so we can *hopefully* get an intentional early delivery off the table this week or next.

Glad to hear that everyone else is still pregnant and doing well <3 I'm looking forward to my ultrasounds this week, they are nerve wracking because I never know beforehand if this is the BPP that will mean we have to deliver immediately, but I always enjoy seeing Ben so that's the silver lining I'm focusing on.

Making the Best of Bed Rest / Re: Monday Roll Call! April 24, 2017
« on: April 26, 2017 at 07:50 AM »
I'm 32 weeks today.

Making the Best of Bed Rest / Re: Monday Roll Call! April 24, 2017
« on: April 25, 2017 at 08:06 AM »
I'd love to take Ben to Disney someday, we took Harrison and Tova in 2015 and it was the best trip ever! I'd love to go back!!

And I've had a pretty crap week. Last weekend I noticed a sharp decrease in movements, finally called on Tuesday and was brought in for a NST. Ben failed the NST so we went on to a biophysical profile, which confirmed early signs of growth restriction and distress. Nothing that would need him to be delivered immediately, but enough that I'm going back for twice/week biophysical profiles from now until we have to deliver. It really stumped the doctors until this weekend because the placenta was fine, cord flow was fine, his heart/kidneys are fine, amniotic fluid fine, but his growth has dropped a ton of percentiles in both length and weight and his activity isn't where it should be.

Then, and I'm so sorry this is TMI, I noticed worms coming out of my bottom this weekend, checked both of my kids and they had them crawling out at night too. Immediately called the doctor, we all have pinworms (highly contagious intestinal worm that is only carried/spread by humans, most commonly school aged kids between 5 and 10 years old, but if the child has it, the whole family gets it because of how contagious it is). So we all got treated immediately and my doctor said that explains Ben's distress. I'm already anemic and had been on iron supplements since the beginning, but the worms exacerbated the anemia and took nutrients from my system that should have been going towards Ben, so now he's suffering as a result. And then, since I own/operate a daycare and my doctors were confident that one of the daycare kids must have introduced it and because it's so contagious all my daycare kids and their families need treatment, I sent a notice out informing them of a confirmed case of pinworms in the daycare and how everyone needs a doctors note confirming completed treatment and a 3 day clear stool sample before returning. So I lost this week's income from that, and THEN one of my daycare moms with kids in my after-school program messages me on facebook to apologize because her boys had it LAST MONTH but she didn't tell anyone even though she acknowledged that her doctor told her to. She was too embarrassed and didn't want to have to take time off work to get them treated (it's one dose of dewormer, then after a week you get a stool sample tested, then 3 days later another sample, if both samples are clear you can come back, and then they get a second dose of dewormer 14 days after the first) so she sent them anyway without telling  me. This had me just beyond furious because the treatment for my family is costing me about $400 (treatment for 6 people, two doses each, plus a loss of over $600 for having to shut my daycare until everyone's second stool samples come back and I can start accepting kids who have doctor's clearance again. Not to mention the fact that if I didn't notice the decrease in movement or call my doctor about it Ben could have been stillborn and he still might have to come out way early as a result of the stress from the worm infestation. I am just absolutely beside myself and I fired them as clients, first time I have ever done that, but you can't just decide to take risks for someone else like that. I get that it is a pain to take off work, I do understand, but she put every child in my daycare, and my unborn child at risk, not to mention that between the cost of the prescription medication and having to shut my doors for over a week it's costing me over $1000.

So yeah, completely awful week right now. Hoping things start to improve soon and I'm hoping Ben's growth and activity will pick back up again now that I've got the worms out of my system. I'm needing iron infusions now because of how severe the anemia has gotten and I'm on nutritional shakes in addition to my regular diet and prenatal vitamins to help replenish my reserves so Ben can get what he needs again, just holding my breath that it works.

Making the Best of Bed Rest / Re: Monday Roll Call for April 17, 2017
« on: April 17, 2017 at 12:50 PM »
like @SuzieQMom I am counting each day as a small victory, but beyond that I'm just passing the time until it's baby day!! I'm 31 weeks on Wednesday, so solidly out of the micropreemie weeks, almost to the "feeder and grower" weeks if Ben comes early, so that is a comfort to me. I've also been nesting like crazy lately so I've been busying myself with all the prep stuff I can do while sitting down (folding clothes, putting clothes away, putting the swing together, etc).

With my last pregnancy I went into PTL at 29 weeks and spent weeks 29 through 39+4 (when I finally delivered a healthy fullterm baby boy after a VERY quick precipitous delivery) at 4cm dilated, 80-90% effaced, with bulging membranes. I was on strict bedrest from week 29 to week 37, was only allowed up to use the bathroom and to shower every third day, other than that I had to lay flat continuously. I was in and out of hospital during that time as well, never had a cerclage placed, but did luck out and keep my son cookin' until he was good and ready to be born <3

Good luck, I'll be thinking of you and hoping for an uneventful full term delivery for you as well <3

I look terrible! AHAHAHA I have pregnancy acne in full swing and I am way overdue for a brow wax and a hair cut! What I have found that makes me feel better is getting showered and dressed in real clothes instead of pajamas! Every day I try to get a shower and get dressed and not hang around in my PJs all day feeling like a bum! Make-up makes me feel worse, though,  because it increases the pregnancy acne so I skip that.

I'm doing well medically this week as well! No change, so that's good! I'm 30 weeks on Wednesday! By this time last pregnancy I was 3-4cm dilated, 80-90% effaced, had bulging membranes, and was in hospital on bed rest! Whenever I get down I just think about that! This time I'm effaced, but only 1cm dilated (which isn't out of the realm of "normal" for a 3rd pregnancy), I'm NOT in hospital, I can snuggle my kids every day and sleep next to my husband at night, I'm not 3hrs away from home, I'm still able to work (I run a home daycare) even though I did have to hire some additional help for the things I can't do (like taking the kids outside to play, lifting, etc, so my employee does all that stuff and I supervise crafts, story time, nap time for the littles that still nap, etc, all the stuff that can be done sitting down I still do).... yeah, counting my blessings and getting showered/dressed every day has helped a ton!

Making the Best of Bed Rest / Re: Monday Roll Call for April 3, 2017
« on: April 06, 2017 at 07:34 AM »

I'm not sure what I'd do without him, to be honest! He has really stepped up to pick up all the slack! As for the acid reflux, can you ask your doctor for a prescription? I ended up in and out of hospital for the entire first and second trimester due to recurrent stomach ulcers from a combination of the reflux and an autoimmune condition that I have. I finally got put on a med that is working for me, it's called rabeprazole, and I haven't had a bit of reflux or an ulcer flare up since I started on it! :D

Making the Best of Bed Rest / Re: Monday Roll Call for April 3, 2017
« on: April 04, 2017 at 07:13 PM »
I'm 29 weeks tomorrow, holding steady. Nothing has changed this week, still stuck on crutches when I do get up, having a lot more menstrual type cramping and a relentless headache, it has been constant for the past week. Not severe, but just always there (my BP is fine so no pre-e worries)...and this morning I was trying to enjoy a rare cup of coffee when Ben hit the reject button and it all came back up! LOL I couldn't crutch to the bathroom quickly enough and so I ended up covered as well as the floor and DH is a champ, he cleaned it up for me while I got in the shower!

Snuggling in bed with my kids and bingewatching their favorite shows on Netflix gets me through the day, Harrison (now 3) loves to hug and kiss my belly and talk to Ben and Tova (now 8) loves to feel Ben kicking (although she still wishes she was getting a baby sister instead of another brother, haha).

This past week has gone pear-shaped!! I'm now on crutches for the remainder of the pregnancy due to severe SPD, I'm in pain constantly and it sucks! I also developed a sinus infection this week (never had one of those before) and a UTI which kicked off the contractions again so had to make a visit to L&D to get those under control....all in all a total crap week. Hoping for a better week this week!!!

Making the Best of Bed Rest / Re: Monday Roll Call for March 20, 2017
« on: March 20, 2017 at 10:53 AM »
I'm still pregnant!!!   :D Cervix is still at a crap length but it is holding steady, so YAY! I DON'T have gestational diabetes, so another win!! Unfortunately right now the entire house is down and out with the cold from hell so I now have two kids, my husband, and the dog joining me on bed rest...a queen sized bed is too damn small!!! LOL

Making the Best of Bed Rest / Re: Monday Roll Call for March 6, 2017
« on: March 07, 2017 at 09:42 AM »
I'm doing ok this week. I do my glucose tolerance test tomorrow and have an appointment with my doctor on Friday. I'm hoping we'll have a plan in place to prevent another bout of preterm labor...I can't get a cerclage because my membranes are too low and the risk of rupture is too high, I'll be asking about progesterone suppositories then.

Making the Best of Bed Rest / Finally had 3D scan - it's a boy!!
« on: March 05, 2017 at 04:43 PM »
So after all the preterm labor stress this past week we were able to make it to our elective 3D scan (YAY!) and we found out that this baby is a boy!!! We are so excited to find out that our family will be welcoming another boy in June! Now all we have to do is wait and hope that Benjamin Michael stays put until June!!

oh man, @Cranberry48, I'm sorry you're having a rough time in the NICU. I hope you are allowed to latch him soon and that you get to take him home soon <3 it must be really hard being separated from him!

And I spoke too soon about things being stable. I'm currently in hospital with contractions, they were 6mins apart last night but with IV fluids and meds they've calmed way down and are irregular now. My fFN test was negative as well which is reassuring but given my history and my short/funneling cervix they're not messing around. 24w1d now, so really worried about this baby coming early, trying to take comfort in the fact that I spent the last 10 weeks of my last pregnancy at 3-4cm dilated, 80% effaced, with bulging membranes before my son came healthy and screaming at full term....just trying to put my faith in my doctors again that they will get this stopped and let this baby cook as long as he/she needs to.

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