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What's Your Story? Tell us. / 6 weeks bedrest w/twins
« on: September 15, 2010 at 01:06 PM »
Hi, my name is phyllicia.

I've been on bedrest for 6 weeks, and as I have nothing else to do I decided to write my story.

I found out I was having twins at 8 weeks. Four weeks later I found out that I had gestational diabetes...little did I know that was the begining of a difficult pregnancy. At 20 weeks we went in to do an ultra sound and find out the sex of the babies. Before the u/s technician even got that far she stopped in the middle of what she was doing and set my cervix was short and went and got the doctor. I had NO idea what that meant. They told me that I would need to go immediatly to the hospital to see if I could have a cerclage but they would still let me find out the sex before I left. We found out we were having two boys. I wanted to be excited but I was definitly way too afraid because this was my first pregnancy and as ignorant as it may be i had not idea what shorterned  cervix, dialated, and cerclage meant. All i knew was that something not good was happening.

At the hospital, I was immediatly admitted and examined. I was dialated 3cm and the  doctor explained to me what a cerclage meant. But she kept explaining to me that because it may be too risky and that there was a big chance my water may break from the surgery. I went ahead and decided to do the surgery since i was told my water could go ahead and break on its own anyway. I had the cerclage placed and was put on bedrest. I spend my first week in the hospital i wasnt allowed up at all. It was pretty crappy because it was my first hospital experience and i was not comfortable with bedpans & capheters and I had to use both!

I was sent home after a week on modified bed rest. I had to take off from work, which has been pretty crappy financially. I was put on progesterone suppositories and a ton of antibiotics. The anti biotics caused me to have a severe yeast infection.

A couple weeks after the surgery the doctors saw the stitch comming loose and i had to go back to the hospital. Everything ended up being ok so I was allowed to go home again. Now at 26 weeks my the growth of the babies is pinching my sciatic nerve and i can barely walk. I have a sharp pain in my lower buttox/upper leg and back aches from the nerve.

Even though I feel like I keep having complications im trying not to be discouraged. Im grateful that Ive made it 6 more weeks when my water couldve broken 6 weeks ago. I just hope I can last longer and deliver to healthy baby boys!

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