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Dear Girls

I am new here.  I found this site via facebook, it looks like what I need.
I need some HOPE.


Lost first baby in 2005 at 23 weeks.  waters broke at 23+0, baby girl delivered at 23+5, died shortly after.
Then had 4 early miscarriages.
Then had a baby boy at 35 weeks with the help of heparin, aspirin and a cerclage which was placed at 14 weeks.

When I got pregnant this time I just assumed I would have a stitch again and all would be ok.  However stitch could not go in as placenta very low and covering the os which is where they need to put stitch.  So they scanned my cervix weekly recently and it went from 3something to 2something to 1.7.  So now I am on hospital bedrest.  Will it save my baby?  I know no one knows and time will tell.  But I am so scared, I cant' bear the thought of burying another little angel, I am only just over my daughter's death from 2005.

Has anyone had something similar and come out ok?  They are talking about how important it is to just get me to 24 weeks, that is 13 days away! 

Another scan tomorrow so I guess i will know more then but for now i am going mental.

thanks for reading.  any advice appreciated.


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