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Hi there!  This is my third pregnancy.  Short cervix with my first discovered at 20 weeks but I managed to carry her to 35 weeks.  Second pregnancy my cervix started shortening dangerously (1.3) at 17 weeks.  They decided not to do a cerclage (mistake). When I went in at 20 weeks for my growth scan I was dilated.  They tried to do an emergency cerclage and my water broke.  I delivered a week later at 21 weeks.

Here I am now trying one last time to have another baby.  I had a preventative Shirodkar cerclage placed at 13 weeks and they told me I was already starting to dilate.  Since then things have been ok.  I'm definitely taking it easy and am now 17 weeks.  My MFM doesn't feel the need to do cervical length checks but I asked my OB to last week and it was 3.4.  I was pretty pleased with that.  So now to my question... I've been having a lot of cramping the last few weeks and over the last few days it seems to be more intense.  I happened to be at my Dr's office yesterday getting my progesterone shot and mentioned it to my Dr.  He scanned my cervix and it was down to 2.8 but was closed and there was no funneling. He didn't seem that concerned and told me to stop in next week and he'd check it again. 

I've never had cramping in previous pregnancies.  Is this normal from my growing uterus or are these contractions that are causing my cervix to shorten?  I asked my Dr. but he basically said there was nothing we could do either way. Could the cerclage be causing more cramping?  Any of you ladies experience this?

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Hey there!  I read this forum a lot during my first pregnancy but have never posted.  I'm 17 weeks along with my second pregnancy.  My first I had a short cervix was, on progesterone and bedrest and delivered a healthy baby girl at 35 weeks.  I just had my first check and my cervix is already down to 1.3! The high risk specialists don't want to do a cerclage (I'm not dialted yet) and they don't recommend bed rest.  They also just switched me from progesterone shot (I hadn't started yet) to the suppositories.  I'm feeling conflicted about the no bedrest.  I feel it helped with my last pregancy.  It is the last thing I want to do with a 2 year old running around but now every time I'm active I worry that I'm doing harm.  What has your experience been with bedrest?  I'm feeling pretty anxious and depressed that this is happening again and so early in my pregnancy!
I was really hoping for a full term baby.

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