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Preterm Labor: Anything and Everything / Cerclage Question
« on: August 20, 2014 at 06:11 PM »
Does anyone know anything about cerclage removal? My doc said he will remove mine at 35/36 weeks but didn't say how that procedure works. Does it hurt? Will they need to numb? If anyone knows please share. Thanks!

Last night I was having stomach tightening for a few hours. It was hard to tell when the baby/babies moved if it was from contractions or them just moving. I took Prcardia and everything calmed down. This morning I'm not having any so I guess that means they were just BH? Anyone know if that's something to be concerned about? My perinatal specialist said to call or go to the hospital with more than 4 per hour, but I wasn't sure what I was feeling.

Hi, I'm new, but have been reading and drawing strength from all of the other woman's stories since going on bed rest 4 weeks ago. I'm currently pregnant with boy/girl twins at 26+2 weeks and had an emergency cerclage at 22+4 for a rapidly shortening cervix.
Here's my story. At 21 weeks my cervix measured 3.7cm so my doc wanted to see the following week to measure again. The following Friday I was at 2.8 cm. I was sent home on bed rest w/ bathroom and shower privileges for the remainder of my pregnancy. My doctor swabbed me for the FFN, but said it would likely come back negative. He set me up to see a perinatalogist that Monday. Monday morning my FFN came back positive and my cervix was down to 1.8cm.  They said there was a 90% chance I would go into labor in the next two weeks if we did nothing. I was terrified and kept thinking I was going to pass out during the appointment. I've never been so scared in my life. I was only 22 weeks.  I was admitted to the hospital and had my emergency cerclage the following morning. I was told I had a 50/50 it would be effective and also told about the risks of a cerclage so late in the game. Thankfully, my tissue was thick and held the stitch well. They kept me for a few more days to monitor me and was released Friday for home bed rest. I didn't realize early on that my stomach tightening and all of the pressure I was feeling were contractions, even if they were just Braxton hicks. I went home on procardia to calm and relax my irritable uterus.
At 24+4 I was admitted again to the hospital when my doctor saw my cervix was down to the stitch. I was given a round of steroids in case labor started. My perinatalogist felt I was stable and said he expected my cervix to go down to the stitch based on where I was before. He said I could still go 34-36 weeks assuming I don't start to labor. I'm now back home and have no signs of labor. I'm on compound progesterone suppositories, procardia every 6 hours and lovenox to prevent blood clots.
Since being home I've had some lower back pain that scared me at first, but with no signs of contractions I think it is part of pregnancy and bed rest. I also had some watery clear fluid leak, but docs said it wasn't enough to be concerned about and could be result of cerclage since it's not ongoing only happened once.
Many doctors don't believe in emergency cerclages at 22 almost 23 weeks or with twins, but I believe that was our saving grace and am so glad our doctor was proactive. I was so scared of everything the first few weeks, but have so much hope now that we will make it 30+ weeks. Being home with 1000 thoughts and too much time to think can be overwhelming, but I try hard not to read into every ache and pain I have and instead rely on my faith and am choosing to BELIEVE I will keep these two cooking for the long haul!

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