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I found this group after I believe Angela posted it on a board I just recently joined on Facebook, so thank you Angela, for posting this link.

This is my history as of this far:

August 1996 - lost firstborn daughter when water broke at 21 weeks, due to amnioitis, with no symptoms, she was born stillborn

February 1998 - have my 2nd daughter born at 35 weeks, started premature labor at 22 weeks, in and out of the hospital, at 27 weeks, they found my cervix was torn, and we feel it happened when I was in labor with my first that she came down and I wasn't fully dilated.  In and out of the hospital from 27-31 weeks, at 31 weeks, put in hospital for the duration, delivered at 35 weeks

Now - my 3rd daughter, my husband's first.  At 17 weeks, after a great deal of pain, was found to be 2cm dilated, admitted to the hospital immediately, had cerclage put in, spent 2 more days in the hospital.  Been having some pain, contractions anywhere between 6-12 hours apart, and I was just put on weekly ultrasounds to check my cervix, and if it starts to thin out at all, I am put in the hospital for the duration.

I am just so scared to lose this baby, I do my best to stay positive as I know positive thoughts is what is best right now, but sometimes its just so hard.  My husband has been amazing through all of this, he has been my rock but only he understands so much.  So I am glad I found this group, I need all the support I can get right now, and lend as much support as I can to everyone else too.

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