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What's Your Story? Tell us. / Update- Long overdue 'success' story
« on: December 05, 2018 at 09:09 AM »
To all you moms on bed rest this holiday season- You will get through it!  I had a very complicated pregnancy last year (Septum in uterus, miscarried twin, dynamic cervix, anemia) at 24 weeks I was on light rest with progesterone and things seemed to settle down.  When I was 31 weeks, in the middle of the night - my water broke.  It was just like in the movies.  Long weekend, my two year old asleep in the crib, 4am, no warning.
Straight to Labour and Delivery - steroids, and attempts to stop my labour, I was giving birth hours later to a beautiful little boy (who needed a little help at first). For 5 weeks (YES... ONLY 5 weeks) he was in the NICU.  It was scary, and it was not at all what the plan was, it was less than ideal, and it seemed like a lifetime---But we all came home together.  My little guy is now 8 months!  He is perfect, he is healthy and happy.  He eats cereal, and crawls, sits up unassisted, and laughs and does all the things that he is supposed to be doing. 
So for any mom out there that is worried, and going through something similar, know that I am out there.   I am very ordinary!Know that I am not all that strong, I am not a super hero..but I got through it, my kiddo got through it, my marriage got through it!   
Stay resting moms... do not let the holiday spirit guilt you into holiday dinners, and parties.  Make to do lists for others to help you out.  Order dinners, watch holiday movies, sit in the nursery (finished or unfinished) and know that your little one will be there soon enough.  Listen to your doctors, but more importantly ---listen to your body. 
Much love to all of you!  You are doing great!

Hey moms.... the way our OBGYN clinic works is that there are seven doctors and throughout your pregnancy you see all of them to make sure they are all familiar with your case/file and a stranger isn’t delivering your baby. 

Anyway.... I saw a new doctor yesterday, and she mentioned to me about having my Kidneys located and an ultrasound on them.  She emphasized that in women with any abnormality in your uterus there is a higher chance that you could only have one kidney, or that your kidneys are not symmetrical.  There is nothing that can really be done, and I have no symptoms of any kidney trouble, but trying to be proactive with my health.  (I’m due in May, and my ultrasound will not be until October)

Thought I’d share, so you other moms can also ask your  obgyn or family doctors. 

What's Your Story? Tell us. / Round two! (Loss briefly mentioned)
« on: March 02, 2018 at 07:40 AM »
Hi girls.... I’m back on rest for baby number two.  My first pregnancy, I was put on bed rest and progesterone at 22 weeks with a shortened cervix (1.7cm).  I delivered him via section at 39weeks and all was well! 

This pregnancy has been a tricky one!  I have a septum in my uterus....  I miscarried a twin on the right side of my septum at 11 weeks, and continued to bleed for months.  This led to anemia, constant fatigue, and I started picking up every cold and illness.... I was constantly sick.  The loss was overshadowed with the joy that we still had one healthy baby that had a strong heartbeat! 

  Currently, I’m on “light rest”, and progesterone, so off work but home and able to cook a dinner, use the washroom, shower, do a little yoga...etc.  I am currently 27 weeks and my cervix has been 1.9cm the last three weeks.  Doctors seem happy that my cervix is somewhat stable.

My cervix is complicated.... it’s dynamic so lengthens and shortens depending on how much pressure is put on it.  Has anyone ever used a pregnancy support belt to take some pressure off their pelvic floor?  I’m wondering if it’s worth investing in something?

I must say this is all less terrifying the second time around!  I’m so lucky to have a healthy boy (at daycare all day lol) and a supportive partner (who takes that healthy boy to daycare every day).  He’s also stuck with all the laundry and vacuuming, bath time and bedtime.... this momma can’t lift! 
Hang in their’s all gotta be worth it in the end!!! 

What's Your Story? Tell us. / My success
« on: November 23, 2016 at 07:36 AM »
Ladies,  a year ago I task embarking on a bed rest journey.  At 24 weeks, my cervix length was 1.7cm and My obgyn thought i was about two weeks away from a section.   Baby was breech and stuffed into my uterus with a septum.  Things were not looking good..... BUT.... connecting with other expecting moms on here, making a bed rest schedule and accepting help from others all contributed to a healthy baby boy born at 39 weeks.  As I remembered last Black Friday I sat home buying gifts off the internet and getting the fed ex guy to put them in gift bags and put them under the tree.... I want every expectant parent out there to stay positive and support each other through this time.  It's not easy, but totally worth it!  We are the lucky ones getting followed by doctors, and receiving assistance and support.
I hope a year from now all of you can look back at your bed rest journey, and think about how worth it it was.
Takecare friends

What's Your Story? Tell us. / FTM- on bed rest at 25 weeks...
« on: October 29, 2015 at 03:59 PM »
This is my first pregnancy and I have had a ton of curve balls and minor complications that are adding up.  At 20 weeks, I was sent to the neonatal specialist for an ultrasound, and she found that I have a septum in my uterus.  She told me to prepare for a smaller baby, and possibly a preemie.  My husband and I started stock piling and getting ready for baby.  I had another appointment at 24 weeks and 5 days, and although the septum isn't a factor any more, my cervix has shortened to 1.8cm. 

Dr. put me off work immediately, and restricted activity, taking progesterone vaginally.  I was not taking this seriously at first, however when she told me that when the cervix gets to 1.5cm she admits her patients to the hospital for complete bed rest, and starts a round of steroid treatment for baby's lungs.  This is when I understood the severity of this.   

So here I lay, spending time with positive thoughts and envisioning my cervix lengthening and becoming stronger.  Has anyone had experience with their cervix lengthening after these treatments? 
I am determined to keep baby cooking for as long as possible.  Bed rest might drive me bonkers, but am glad that there is a community out there for support. 
Good luck to all of you while you are on your pregnancy journeys!

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