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What's Your Story? Tell us. / Back again!
« on: February 09, 2018 at 11:42 AM »
Hi all, I was here with my last pregnancy, when my cervix was found to be short at my 20 week scan. I was placed on pelvic rest, and given progesterone suppositories. My water ended up breaking right at 34 weeks, and I delivered my son at 34+1. He stayed 12 days in the NICU, but is doing great at 13 months now. He's had no issues, other than needing the CPAP for about 24 hours after birth, and then just staying in the NICU until he could regulate his body temperature and take his feeds from the breast and bottle.

I'm pregnant with #3 (4th pregnancy) and am 12 weeks. I have my first ultrasound in 4 days with MFM to figure out a game plan. I want to be sure I'm doing everything I possibly can with this pregnancy, so if anyone has suggestions of what to bring up to the doctor, that would be great! I will discuss a cerclage this time around, and unless they are really against it for some reason, my OB thought the risk was low enough this early on that it would seem like a good idea to get one. I will also start progesterone shots at 16 weeks.

Prayers to all of you growing those babies!

What's Your Story? Tell us. / New here, 19+5, 1.8 cm cervix
« on: September 09, 2016 at 10:09 AM »
Hi all! This is my 3rd pregnancy. I have a 2 year old whom I had with no complications at 40+2, and miscarried at 13 weeks in January. At my routine ultrasound at 18 weeks they found my cervix was about 2.4 cm, and I had a contraction that shortened it to 1.9. One week later (yesterday) at the ultrasound I had with MFM, it was 1.8. So far I'm on 200 mg of progesterone suppositories, and told to "take it easy", no walking, exercising, sex; basically be a couch potato. I have another appointment on 9/19 to see if my cervix has stabilized. I did not have any funneling or bulging bag of waters. They will see how things look at the next appointment, and cerclage was mentioned, but we will see then. The doctor said they don't like to do them if they don't have to, but it seems that there is so much success with one...

Of course I'm extremely nervous and just looking to make it to the first goal of 24 weeks for starters. Any success stories or women in a similar situation would be great to hear! It seems that a lot of women on here are or were on bed rest, and so far my doctors haven't recommended that, so I'm hoping "taking it easy" like I have been is ok for now.

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