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Making the Best of Bed Rest / How to do this thing???
« on: September 26, 2016 at 01:18 PM »
Hello All!

I'm brand new to bedrest...just started last Thursday. I actually had visited this site weeks ago when they measured my cervix at 2.6 cm. It had remained stable and since I've already carried once full term, my doctor said just take it easy and gave me the option of progesterone suppositories. He said it couldn't hurt, so I said, "Yes, of course!" One night last week, I found I couldn't roll over without feeling like there was a bowling ball on my persisted when I got up the next day. I called my OB, got sent to hospital where a triage nurse told me how normal the pressure was then said basically the baby's head is on my pubic bone. I carried my first baby very low, so I still had hope nothing would come of it, but my cervix had shorted to 2.0 cm.  :-\

The nurse at the hospital told me I can shower, I can use the toilet, but the rest is bedrest. She said I can sit up. My doctor was more vague on the phone, saying bedrest is not proven to prevent pre-term labor, but if something happens and I feel I contributed that I'd feel badly....of course!

I'm really just wondering what "bed rest" looks like for others. I have a 14 month old boy. I was told I could sit up, so I'm wondering
1) Can I sit up in sitting position? Is that still "bed rest"?
2) Can I sit up for meals and to feed my boy in his high chair?
3) Can I do gentle leg exercises in bed so I don't loose so much muscle? (right now I'm doing lots of ankle pumps and isometric quad squeezes, but that's it.)

I want to be careful, but I feel I need more clear guidance on the limits! I'm a pusher so this is a mentally challenging adjustment.

I got a good scare last night putting in a progesterone suppository when I could feel the dimple of my cervic just inside! It was tricky even getting the suppository in! I'm supposed to start the shots this week. Lord willing, the company gets the delivery to my doctors office in time.....which is another weird thing to me....I go in weekly for an appointment? So I'll be getting up and riding in a car and walking in? I told my husband it makes me think I could go other places so long as I sit church, etc....but this is probably wishful thinking!

To whoever is out there, thanks for reading...I am just mentally trying to get my brain around this. I'm 27 weeks tomorrow, which is a huge blessing....but I'm trying to imagine 10 more weeks of this when a half week has me in so much mental turmoil....thanks!!!!

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