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Does anyone have a varix?  I need to deliver by 32-34 weeks because of that and because of the preeclampsia.  I'm really nervous.  I'm not ready for baby.  I only have six weeks! I need a crib mattress, car seat, preemie clothes, how is this managed on bed rest?

But I've been told we'll probably have a preterm birth.  I just got done with my steroid shots yesterday.  On modified bed rest.  I'm not sure I belong here. 

I'm 40.  Expecting#4 on April 3.  Baby is a boy.  We are naming him Malachi Lewis.  I have a 16 yo son, almost 14 yo daughter, and my youngest will be 3 in February.

How do you prepare for a preterm labor and birth?  I'm kinda shocked by everything over the last few days.  My husband and I have been married for almost 19 years.  We've made it through many any hard times, we've got this.  I'm just trying to prepare.

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