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Hi All, I'm so glad I found this forum. I've been worrying constantly and it is comforting to read all of the positive success stories.

I went in to my Obgyn for a visit when I was 18 weeks and she said that my cervix still appeared long by ultrasound. My father has been ill, so I asked about travel and got the ok. I ended up flying to California from Switzerland, I live in Switzerland, because my father had been hospitalized. When I returned for my 20 week ultrasound (actually at 21 weeks 6 days since I had been out of town), the doctor had told me that I'd be staying in the hospital. My cervix was thin and had opened 9mm. They could see the sac had a small bulge by ultrasound. Obviously, I was scared and shocked. I'm still scared for these babies.

Thus far, I only get magnesium and they have put in a pessary. I was told that the sac is too close to my cervix for a cerclage and the cerclage hasnt been proven effective in twin pregnancies. They said progesterone also hasn't proven effective in twin pregnancies. They felt it was more risky to give it to me as a suppository, and they weren't convinced that the oral progesterone would help. As for how strict the bed rest is, I can get up only to use the toilet and was told that I can take one quick shower daily. The doctors said at 23+5 they can start the lung maturation steroids for special cases like mine, instead of waiting for 24+0. I am 22+6 today. So that is my short term goal- to make it to 23+5.

Best wishes to all. How do you keep from worrying? I'm scared every time I get up to use the toilet. I have been taking a quick daily shower, but feel like I should reduce this to twice weekly.

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