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Making the Best of Bed Rest / Work from Home on Bedrest?
« on: May 29, 2017 at 08:26 PM »

I have been on bedrest since 19.5weeks. I had an emergency cerclage put in on week 20 because my membranes were hourglassing through the cervix. I am now on week 23 and hopefully have quite a ways to go.

My work recently offered me the option to work from home. I have not given them an answer yet. I would have to use a laptop to do the work.  I can only get up to use the restroom and quick shower every 2-3 days. I stay with my feet above my head laying down the rest of the time. I have not tried to use a laptop in this reclined position yet. I am curious to know if anyone else has tried working from home while on bedrest?

Pregnancy Complications / 20 Weeks, Hourglass Membranes Exposed
« on: May 06, 2017 at 09:11 PM »

We went in for a routine ultrasound at 19.5 weeks.  Our baby is healthy however the doctor was called in because we have membranes exposed in the vagina and are 1.5 cm dialated.  We spent three days in the hospital on strict bed rest.  They ran a number of tests. There is no noticeable infection however they cannot put a cerclage in because of the bulging membranes.  We are waiting this out at home (still on bed rest) until we hopefully make it to 23 weeks.  I am wondering if anyone has had this happen and how long they made it?  The doctors say I will most likely get an infection or my water will break due to the membrane exposure.

We are now at the 20 week mark and are very worried.  We appreciate the information you have.  We want to make sure we do everything we can to save this baby.


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