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Preterm Labor: Anything and Everything / Hoping
« on: September 09, 2017 at 09:26 PM »
Hi everyone
Currently 30 weeks 5 days. On hospital bed rest for almost 5 weeks now. I've gotten into a routine and it's been ok. However, I've been sent to L&D twice in two weeks. I've had a total of about 45 hours of contractions. Thursday was the worst yet as I was crying through the contractions by the 20th hour just praying for some sort of help. Nothing seems to stop them but they make barely no change to my cervix. It's emotionally and physically draining. Then out of nowhere they go away. I'm so scared and confused. Has anyone had contractions that do this? How long was it till the real deal? I go home at 32 weeks and I know this is strange but I am so scared to go home. What if I miss the signs of labour??? My mind is racing. I just wish things were different. Safer.

So I have been on bed rest since 19 weeks. Rescue cerclage at 20 weeks. Pregesteron since 18 weeks. At 25weeks I was given steriod shots due to change in length of cervix. Sent home after a few days since all seemed stable. At 26+1 I had an ultrasound that showed cervix open with bulging membranes. Now on hospital bed rest. Just wondering if anyone has gone to term while dilated. Trying to keep this little one in till term. Things have been steady since I got admitted but I'm still so worried. And holy moly is hospital bed rest a challenge. All I keep saying is I rather be on bed rest with her inside instead of her fighting in the nicu. Our next goal after 28 weeks will be 30 weeks and so on.

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