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My doctor just prescribed Lexapro. I am 25 weeks...I have been on bed rest for over 9 weeks. I have been dealing with anxiety and depression. I know these feelings of being upset can make things worse for my bed rest and the ultimate goal of keeping these babies cookin as long as possible. But...I am scared to take the drugs. My parinatologist says it is not going to harm the babies...but of course as soon as I got home I looked online and read all kinds of horrible side effects/complications during pregnancy. Anyone else have experience with Lexapro while pregnant? Or can you suggest websites with positive research results?

So...I call myself the Mother Hen because that is what bed rest feels like. I am no longer a mother to my other two girls, i am not a wife, i am not a friend. I feel very lonely as I am now just a mother hen sitting (but actually laying) on my little eggs all day until they hatch. who thought bed rest would be so incredibly hard? Our identical twin girls were diagnosed with twin to twin transfusion synodrome at 16 weeks. They share one placenta. Essentially TTTS means that one twin was getting more blood flow and nutrients than the other. We were rushed from Atlanta to Miami to have a laser surgery which would give the babies a chance at survival. There are only a few doctors in the US who can perform this surgery. We were lucky to have such an excellent medical team. It is a miracle that our babies are now thriving and the TTTS seems to be cured. However I remain on strict bed rest due to cervical shortening. Last week it measured a 2.07. I am currently taking nfedipine and progesterone shots to hopefully help prevent early labor. I was already high risk before we even ound out it was twins because my first born was premature at 33 weeks. I can look back and say I can not believe that 9 weeks of bed rest has already gone by. I have filled my time with reading at least 5-10 books a week, lots of bravo tv including way too much trash like nj housewives, countless hours on pinterest and Facebook, reorganizing recipes, making picture albums on shutter fly, online Christmas shopping...but I am starting to really lose focus. Everyday seems to get harder instead of better. I don't know what it is...maybe because the holidays are approaching and I know I m going to have to lay here and miss so much with my 2 and 4 year old girls... parties, making cookies, wrapping gifts, pictures with Santa...etc. I is all stuff that shouldn't matter in the big picture. Keeping these babies healthy and safe is the important thing. But I just can't help feeling a bit more depressed each day. At only 25 weeks, I still have a long way to go. I just don't know how I can bear it. I need to regain focus. I need some pep talks. That's why I joined this forum. I am hoping that by reading some of your stories i will not feel so alone. Positive thoughts! I need positive thoughts!

I am 25 weeks pregnant with identical twin girls. My girls were diagnosed with TTTS at 16 weeks. We had the laser procedure done immediately and it was a success. So far both babies are thriving. It is a miracle. But my cervix keeps shortening. I have been on strict bed rest for 9 weeks now. I think I am feeling some depression from this bed rest...and I know I should just be thankful and focus on the babies. I hate that I feel this way. Anyone else experiencing TTTS or an extremely long bed rest?

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