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Ladies I really admire you and admire all the things you do for your babies. I have been reading some of your stories and am amazed of how brave and strong you are. wow the best to all of you.
'About me this is my fifth pregnancy as I had a miscarriage at 22 weeks 3 days with our beautiful baby boy and a first trimester loss at 8 weeks. I have two daughters 8 and 10 and after all the above heart ache we tried again.

This time I am 25 weeks and I have taken all the precautions I could. Cerlage at 14 weeks, progesterone suppositories since 16 weeks and strict bedrest as my cervix went down to a 2.3
At 20 weeks my cervix measured even  lower I dont know how much and a pessary was placed. It has been working as my cervix has stayed at 2.5 cm and I have been on bedrest.
I am now 25 weeks and 1 day( baby is measuring 26 weeks) and since my last measurement went up to 2.7 I decided to go back to work. I have 8 more work days and then a week and a half off. I decided to go back since everyone started to email me when do I plan to come back. ( I have been out for 6 weeks which is my total allowance for pregnancy and now I would have been placed on disability I guess)
Today was my first day. I took it easy sitting most of the day but it has been hard because my muscles are weak and sore. Do you guys think I did the right thing? Or am I totally in the wrong. Let me know what you truly think, brutal honesty is what I would be looking for.
Blessings and may all your babies be healthy.

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