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I used this site a lot with my last pregnancy---cervical funneling to 1 mm at 26 weeks and made it to 40 weeks with strict bedrest.  This time around (2.5 years later) I'm now 23w3d and funneling to 18 mm.  I was placed on modified bedrest with progesterone suppositories and will get measurements of my cervical length weekly, every Friday. 

I hope to have my 3rd full term baby (my first had no complications, induced at 41 weeks).

Hopeful, but anxious to know what will happen his time around (my last!)
This time around: I started getting measurements of my cervix starting at 16 weeks. I was on the low side of normal from the beginning, measuring 3.5 cm at 16 weeks. No cerclage was put in as I made it to term with my previous bedrest baby.  My cervix continued to funnel and by 23 weeks it was down to 1.8 cm.  I was sent to L+D to monitor for contractions and diagnosed with an irritable uterus.  I was placed on modified bedrest (new OB group, they were not fans of strict bed rest) and started on vaginal progesterone. By week 26 I was 6 mm and started on procardia for the ongoing contractions from the irritable uterus.   I was still on modified bedrest, and since my job requires only sitting and minimal activity, I had to keep working as I was not given strict bedrest and I'm the only income earner in the family (and the one who provides health insurance).  During this time, DH did everything at home, all laundry, cooking, cleaning and taking care of our two kids (ages 2 and 4).  Aside from work and doctor's visits, I never left home. Would put myself on strict bedrest as soon as I got out of work.  Week 36 I stopped the procardia and progesterone. Week 37 started being a tiny bit more active, like styling my hair instead of pulling it back into a ponytail. 
Delivered a healthy baby boy at 40 weeks and 1 day.

I still have some SPD pain (Symphysis pubis dysfunction) but its slowly getting better (that started up around week 26).

Just wanted to provide encouragement to all the ladies on bedrest.


I am so so happy to have found this website. 

This is my 3rd pregnancy (first was a molar pregnancy), my daughter is almost 19 months old (she was induced at 41 weeks).  My current pregnancy been very different.  There were some abnormalities on my anatomy scan that raised my risk for trisomy 18 to 1 out of 400 (from the original 1/10,000 at my NT scan), so I had to get a follow up ultrasound at 26 weeks.  During that scan they happened to notice that my cervix was "funneling" and was only 8 mm long so i went on modified bedrest for a few days but noticed increased pressure so i went in to make sure things were stable, instead, my cervix had continued to funnel and was only 1 to 2 mm long!!  So, they checked my cervix and found I was also 2 cm dilated.  I was admitted, given steroids (despite negative FFN a few days earlier) and placed on complete bedrest with bathroom breaks and 2 minute showers.  That was last Monday, so it's been 1.5 weeks of complete bedrest, now at 28 + 2 days, hoping to beat the odds and make it to 37 weeks (doctors say I have a 50% chance of getting to 34 wks and 25% chance of getting to full term. 

Looking forward to Monday's roll call and hoping I'm still pregnant for it!

Despite having only a 0.1 cm (or 1mm) thick funneling cervix at 26 weeks (no cerclage), after 10 weeks of strict bedrest, 1 week of modified and 3 weeks of working full time once full term, I made it to 40 weeks and 2 days!!

My baby was born New Years Eve, weighing 8 lbs and 3 oz, 21 inches long.  He is perfect (despite warnings of possible trisomy 18 and hydronephrosis, fortunately he has neither of these either!) He was born using hypnobabies which helped manage the pain.

Bedrest is not easy (miserable on many days, especially the really nice ones when I just wanted to stand outside and enjoy fresh air but was terrified of the extra pressure that would put on my cervix)  but it was so worth it to have this little one in the end.  Big sister (21 months) is adjusting well and thanks to Angela for keeping this site here for others to know we are not alone!!!

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