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If you are reading this I'm guessing you were like me, terrified, confused alone and wondering how to keep your baby safe.   You are NOT alone!  Join the keepemcookin chat at 2pm CST every Tuesday.  Find a community and look #incomepetentcervix up on FB. 

I found out I had scarring on my cervix that was causing funneling and a short cervix at 22 weeks.  I went in at 20 weeks and was 2.7 cm so the doctors scheduled a follow up for 2 weeks later.  At 22 weeks my cervix had shortened to 1.1 cm which the doctor said was 80% effaced, and I was too far along for cerclage.  A cerclage would have been to risky due to membranes in the funneling.  I panicked and cried and went to this forum and a few others. 

The doctor had me on strict bed rest and crinone for the remainder of my pregnancy up until 36 weeks.  I got up for the bathroom and to shower.  SBR is no joke.  I recommend buying everything you can on amazon - granola bars (you'll need a backpack full of them), water bottles (you will not get up to refill your water), nail clippers, pbj sandwiches, netflix (watch Parenthood if you haven't - lots of seasons and positive storyline), books, etc.  Recline on your car seat on the way to the doctor and elevate your pelivc bone to alleviate pelivic pressure whenever possible.  I put a pillow under me to elevate.  Try to keep your feet up. 

I did wish that I knew right away what shortened your cervix and what I should avoid.  So here is a list of things that do shorten your cervix-
 - Hot showers so take cold ones!
 - Walking and sitting upright so lay horizontal or at 45 degrees.  Purchase a bed rest pillow for back support.  There are a bunch on Amazon
 - Dates start uterus contraction so avoid those
 - Sex - sperm has prostaglandins in it which softens the cervix.  Sorry no sex until after you have a cute, adorable babe or 34-36 weeks
 - Anxiety - doesn't shorten your cervix but fear and anxiety can impact your baby so stay calm and stay positive.  Easier said then done, but listen to positive pregnancy podcasts and know that you can do this.  Other women have done it and you can too.

I had friends and family help out with meals and honestly heated up hot pockets and ate things that I could grab on way back from the bathroom and heat up in less than 5 minutes. 

4 months later I had my baby.  I made it to 41 weeks and 1 day and YOU CAN TOO!!  I was able to work from home every day which was  surprisingly great even though stressful, distraction.  It's so hard to be hopeful when you are so scared about your cervix, but know that this is the best thing for your baby.  You can do it.  You are strong and you are doing everything you can to protect that nugget.  Listen to meditiations on youtube, pray, listen to Parijat's calming presentation (she is on this website), read, and work if you can.  It's true that bed rest is basically two 12 hour days.  Split up your day if you can and know that every minute you are closer to a healthier baby. 

Best of luck and prayers to everyone on bed rest.  You can do it!  Just stay still and keep that baby cooking.  You are going to be an amazing mom!!

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