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What's Your Story? Tell us. / 32 weeks- Dad checking in
« on: January 04, 2018 at 03:18 PM »

My wife is 32 weeks 4 days pregnant with a baby girl. This is our first pregnancy! It has been quite the roller coaster; feelings of joy and excitement coupled with the daily worries of what is and is not normal.

A little background: I was born small, 5lbs at 38 weeks. Currently, our baby girl is measuring very small (2 lbs 11 ounces at 30 week scan). During our last non stress test, there were some decelerations in the heartbeat that our OB was concerned about, so they sent us to Labor and Delivery. Well... we just got home from a 6 night stay for “extended heart rate monitoring”. It was miserable. My lovely wife is very active (lots of yoga, spin classes) and spending all that time in bed was very difficult for her mentally. She has also been struggling with prenatal anxiety/depression, which is new for both of us. She was told to stay home and relax (basically bed rest) until our next appointment (next Wednesday). While happy to be home, she is unable to work (due to the nature of her job) and it’s really hard that she cannot participate in the activities she would like to. On top of this she doesn’t have a huge friend net that she feels comfortable leaning on/venting with. She is thinking about starting on Zoloft, per her OB and therapist recommendation. I’m doing all I can to keep her positive but its been a difficult experience so far. Has anyone else had experience with prenatal depression? Would love to hear your stories and positive vibes. I’ll keep updating as time goes on- we are trying to keep our little girl cooking as long as possible!

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