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Hi friends: First time poster here.

I'm pregnant with baby #2 (I have a four-year-old son). I've had hyperemesis gravidarum the whole time and am on Zofran to keep the food and vomit in. Still nauseated 24/7. My midwives put me on bedrest last week at 33 weeks because I complained of low period-like cramps. When they checked my cervix, it was totally mushy, like jelly. They said, the baby is still high, which is the only reason it's not coming out. Like, if the head starts pushing on the cervix, I'll fully dilate and the baby will be born. My goal is to make it to 37 weeks for baby's development. And also so I can have another planned home birth. I'm still cramping. And having tons of Braxton-Hicks. Baby is moving a ton, heart sounds good. They said it's too late for the stitch. Of course, if I start leaking any kind of fluid or if labor starts in earnest, I'll go to the hospital. Some friends who have gone in at 33 - 34 have had the docs tell them they won't stop labor.

Curious on a few fronts: 1. Does anyone has success stories of making it to 37 with a mushy cervix (they didn't give me percentage or measurements)? 2. Does anyone have stories of NICU stays at 33/34 weeks? 3. How do you keep your back and butt from killing you while on complete bedrest? Thanks, everyone!

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