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Hi everyone,
My name is Michelle and I am 30 weeks pregnant today. Sorry if this is long but I will try to get as much info in as I can so you ladies can help. I know no one is a doctor but my hubby and I are losing our minds and just need reassurance I guess.
At 28 weeks we left for Greece for a babymoon. 2 days prior I had the go from my doc. This is our first pregnancy and I have had all necessary scans and tests and nothing nothing ever came up. I was told I was totally safe.
Flash forward 5 days in to the trip and I start getting cramps and feeling like I have period cramps. I email my doc and she says to be safe and get checked. We are now in santorini so we find a private doctor. He does all the scans. Baby is okay and I have very very very small contractions; what he says he isn’t worried about. He then says my cervix is shortened to 2.26cm and I’m funneling. He drives us to Emergency in santorini where the doctor redoes all the tests and says the babies head is also low.
My doctor back home in Montreal Canada is aware and says to basically listen to the doctors here.
I am administered steroid shots and progesterone magnesium and meds for contractions.
I go on strict strict bedrest for 2 days
2 days later I get re-evaluated and I’m told nothing has changed so there is no way we can fly home to Montreal. I  am then sent by military plane to Crete where they have an NICU and they treat high risk pregnancies and all of the tests are done again.
It’s now been 3 days. I am in a room of 6 other women, hooked up to IVs only allowed to shower for 5 mins and given shots and meds every few hours. My husband is sleeping on a plastic chair. We are told everyday is a blessing and that we will essentially deliver here.
We will look in to a rental for hubby to sleep nights and so friends can start shipping things for the baby and for after delivery but essentially this means that one week ago I was safe and everything was fine to today I am delivering in Crete alone and likely spending 2-6 thousand dollars a day on NICU care once I deliver? We have private insurance and still trying to find out our rights but if they don’t cover this it means a bill of $800,000 approx when we get home. That means bankruptcy...
is this really my life right now? The doctors are barely even acknowledging us and just keep saying baby is doing great. I have great amniotic fluid his heart is stable etc but the funneling the shortened cervix and his head low means I can’t do anything but lay here and hope to not deliver.
Anyone else have any experience with anything I just metioned? Bed rest in a hospital in another country? Insurance? 2.2cm at 30 weeks? Am I mentally preparing to deliver any second?!
Thanks ladies! So lost scared and confused alone xoxoxox

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