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Hi my name is Toni I’m 41yrs old with my second pregnacy. I’ve been admitted to hospital yesterday with as my cervix literally opened during a scan. I’m currently 21 wks today and my baby girl is otherwise healthy and kicking away. I had an emergency cerclage put in and basically will be on bedrest with a hope to try and get to 30wks.

I had lost my first born last year due to an infection which we thought shortened my cervix. It appeara its actually because my cervix was not great that is why the infection got in.

I’m doing my very best to keep positive but its is hard I’m a Type 2 Diabetic and also hypertensive.

I need to keep my mind focussed on the good that we managed to get a stitch in because my OBGYN was doubtful he could get one in.

Every niggle, tender thing I feel is heightening my anxiousness.

I need to hear stories of success and educate myself on how to best adhere to best practices of bed rest. Please help!

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