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My first was born at 28 weeks & 1 day, with only a couple days notice that he was coming early (I was hospitalized 2 days before he was born with threatened preterm labour). They weren't sure why he came early, 10 days before I was hospitalized I was started on high blood pressure meds that I was pretty sure I didn't need as much as they thought I did, but they wouldn't let me monitor at home before starting (my BP is always higher at a doctor's office and I really wasn't comfortable with the OB clinic I was being seen by). When I was admitted they took me cold turkey off the high bp meds (they said babies don't tolerate a huge drop in BP well and that could be what was starting thing) and monitored every 3 hrs when I was awake, bp was totally normal and the nurses were telling me that I was on a really high dose and that normally they would start people on a lower dose and work up. Needles to say I thought him coming early was pretty much 100% due to the meds that it looked like I didn't really need.

So I started this pregnancy with a midwife and she sent me out for a consult at 22 weeks with our local MFM office because of my history. My 20 week ultrasound showed my cervix length was normal (but they didn't do a trans vaginal ultrasound, so maybe it was on the shorter side). At my consult they did a trans vaginal ultrasound and said they were getting results ranging from 21mm - 28mm and so they took over care from midwife and told me to take it easy, don't lift anything heavy, put on progesterone supositories and I'd see them in a week. We had talked about putting in a stitch, but they were leary about doing it so close to 24 weeks (I was 22 & 4 at the time) and I wasn't comfortable about doing it then either. Next week there was still length to my cervix, but it looked like it was open on the ultrasound so got an exam on top of the ultrasounds, cervix was still closed. Follow up a week later, still length, but looked like my cervix was even more open on the ultrasound so another exam and it felt like my cervix open 1-1.5. So now I'm not quite on bedrest yet, but I'm housebound except for appointments, but I'm basically taking it as easy as possible and sitting with my feet up almost all day. I was cooking breakfast and lunch before for myself, now I'm just grabbing food that I don't have to cook. I stay at home with my almost 4 year old, but thankfully my husband works from home too, so he's there for backup if I or my little guy need anything (or if the little guy decides he doesn't want to listen to Mom). I follow up again with my MFM doc in another 10 days, so hopefully nothing changes by then!

I'm 25 weeks and 1 today and really hoping minimum to make it to 28 weeks (which of course falls on Christmas eve!). Obviously longer would be better and full term would be sweet! So whatever extra time on top of the 28 weeks would be fantastic. I'm hoping that it was the meds my last pregnancy that triggered things to happen when they did and this little one gets to cook longer.

I've dealt with a lot of low energy issues over the past 7 years or so, so I thought it would be easier than this. But my energy has been fantastic this pregnancy compared to normal, so its one thing to rest and do nothing when you feel awful, but it's completely another to do it when you feel fine.

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