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Hi everyone,

I had a PPROM at 17 weeks, although I didn’t know it right away. The next 10 weeks were the darkest of my life but I ended up with a baby girl at the end. Here’s how it went down:

17 weeks: woke up in the middle of the night feeling having soaked the sheets. Called my doctor and they said I most likely just wet the bet but they would check me the next day. When they checked me, I came up negative for amniotic fluid in my cervix, but the ultrasound showed almost no fluid around the baby. So they sent me to a Maternal fetal medicine (MFM) specialist.

The MFM confirmed the low AFI on the ultrasound of about 5, which never changed during the rest of my pregnancy. They also started looking for reasons why my water had broken, which began with an echocardiogram and a genetic screening test called MaterniT. After the echocardiogram showed a right aortic arch they added the genetic screen for DiGeorge’s syndrome.

Around 20 weeks I started bleeding and was admitted to the hospital, where I would live for the next 8 1/2 weeks. When I was first admitted the doctors thought I was in labor. They offered induction to help me move it along, but I felt that I didn't want to be the one to end the pregnancy. I wanted to leave the decision up to God. So I waited.

I bled the whole time. It was chalked up to a placental abruption but no hematoma was seen on ultrasound. I got steroids at 24 weeks and was moved to a hospital with a level 4 NICU. Then on monday at week 27.7 I started having contractions. With drinking water they went away, but they returned Tuesday, then went away again. On wednesday they started again but I was so used to them going away at this point I ignored them. Thursday morning at 2:30 am the contractions woke me up. By the time a doctor checked me it was 4:30 am and I was dilated 3-4 cm. I was moved to labor and delivery and started on the Magnesium sulphate bolus. It wasn’t too bad, you just feel very hot like in a hot yoga room. The contractions were worse, honestly. Then i delivered my girl at 6:15 AM, no epidural needed, vaginal delivery. The NICU team was right there and I heard her cry after a time, I’m not sure how long. They put her on a bubble CPAP and whisked her away.

All that time in the hospital I had been worried that she would not be able to breathe, best case scenario she would be on a ventilator. She defied all our expectations. Now at 12 days old she is on the nasal cannula with 22-27% oxygen, she has a feeding tube, and no IV anymore. A miracle happened to us and it could happen for you too. Stay strong, I know all those weeks in the hospital are horrible. I had never been so depressed in my life, and I missed my other daughter so much. But it was all worth it.

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