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What's Your Story? Tell us. / Short Cervix
« on: May 06, 2019 at 03:25 PM »
It was discovered at my 20 week scan that my cervix was at a 1.8.   This is my 3rd baby.   I went to term with my other 2 and didn’t have this same complication.   My dr put me on a week of modified bedrest and started progesterone.   The next scan showed cervix was at 2.5 so they let me return to work half days.    The following week was still 2.5 so let me try a full week of work.  Unfortunately the next scan showed I was down to 1.7 at only almost 24 weeks.  So my dr said no more work and back to modified bedrest hopefully until 34 weeks.   I’m struggling with relying on others for basically everything.  I’m also struggling with how much is ok or when is it too much?   I feel extreme guilt that if baby does come early it will all be on me and if I’ve done too much.   Not that I’m doing much anyway bringing kids to daycare is about it, but still worries me.  I’m hoping dr oks for me to go my sons Kindergarten program and graduation.   But there is fear with that too.  I wish they continued to do ultrasounds to know  if it’s changing but they said after 24 weeks they just base it on me and how I’m feeling.  Just feeling really frustrated and like I’m letting everyone down.

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