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What's Your Story? Tell us. / New and trying not to stress
« on: August 19, 2019 at 08:10 PM »
Hi! I’m Valerie. I was just put on bedrest 4 days ago for a positive fetal firbonectin test and possibility of preterm labor. I’ve been high risk since I started the pregnancy overweight, have a family history of diabetes (but no GD here!), am over 35 (just turned 38!) and have had two leeps in the past. I’ve been told it’s for two weeks at which time I have my next appointment but the doctors note I got for my work says until further notice. I’m currently 30w4d. I don’t know if a negative result will get me off bedrest, or if it’s even possible to get a negative after a positive, or if I’ll be on bedrest for the remainder of the pregnancy.

To be honest, it was a relief because work was getting difficult. I work in a memory care facility and am on my feet for 8 hours a day. The biggest problem (besides losing my income - it’ll be tough but my husband should be able to cover everything til I’m back from maternity leave) is I am 9 weeks away from completing my LPN nursing program. It was gonna be close but I was expecting to be able to work/attend school all the way up to the end and now this has thrown a wrench in the plan.

It’s not like I can’t finish with the next class after I have her, but if I have to do that, I will just be so bummed. I was hoping to come back from maternity leave in January and start work as an LPN then. If it gets pushed back, I’ll not only be finishing with people I don’t know, I’ll have to redo the last two months of coursework because we are in the middle of a section now, and it’ll delay the raise to LPN that we will desperately need by about 6 months.

So all this is compiling and only 4 days into bedrest I am bored, stressed and getting depressed. Just had to vent with someone who might understand. I don’t know anyone else who was on bedrest to talk to. Thanks for adding me to the forum and being here to listen.


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