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What's Your Story? Tell us. / 1 Year Later
« on: November 07, 2012 at 12:32 PM »
Hi Ladies,

I am a 'graduate' of the boards here and I hope this is okay to post but I wanted to share my story and give back to this site.  1 Year ago today at 24.5 weeks I was put down on bedrest.  I had been contracting since 8 weeks and already been to L&D for contractions at 20 weeks.  That night we got a +FFN and found my cervix was shortening.  They kept me overnight to get everything calmed down, steroids started, and I went home on full bedrest and a neph regimend.  We were told that night that it would be a miracle if we made it to 28 weeks and/or stayed out of hospital bedrest.  In the weeks that followed I pretty much contracted constantly, made 13 more trips to L&D to stop the contactions, had my neph upped numerous times, but with those trips the weeks went by and we surpassed everything we 'weren't' supposed to make it too.  At 35 weeks to the day my body was done.  Bryce was born at 5lbs 14ozs at 9:01pm.  He was taken to the NICU where he spent the next 9 days before coming home.   But I have to say the second I held him in my arms it made the previous weeks worth it.

I know what you all are going through right now, I know the pain, frustration, stress, and lonliness that comes with this.  For those that have older kids I know how hard it is not to be able to be the mom you want to be and the guilt that comes from basically letting them watch TV and run rampid all day.  Know you are not alone and that there is a site full of amazing women here to help you.  There was no way I could have gotten through it without this board and have met some wonderful people thanks to it. 

Hang in there and know that my thoughts and prayers are with you.  I had a little mantra I kept telling myself, I'm giving moments for him to have a lifetime.

A sincere thank you to Angela for having this site, I really couldn't have done it without it!

What's Your Story? Tell us. / Bryce is home...Thank You All.
« on: January 29, 2012 at 01:03 AM »
2 hours ago we brought our preciousl little man home after 9 days in the NICU.  Thanks to the advice I got from you wonderful ladies things really started to happen yesterday.  I really need to thank everyone on this board, there is just no way we could have gotten thru the last 3 months without you.  For all you ladies still cooking, hang in there.  It is worth every moment once you hold that wonderful baby. 

What's Your Story? Tell us. / NICU support group?
« on: January 26, 2012 at 04:12 PM »
I was hoping someone here could recommend a good support group for NICU or offer some advice..  We had our son last week 35w 1d after 10.5 weeks of bedrest for PTL.  Baby was taken right to the NICU due to hospital policy that any baby under 36 weeks has to go in.  It took 2 hours to get an IV in and he was a little grunty, but other than that he was great.  He's been making huge strides and at one point looked like he'd come home today. 

I'm just having a hard time coping with him being there, having to wait for someone to be available/willing to watch our other kids for me to see him, and feeling like he's not getting the attention he needs due to "the more serious babies in the unit" ( seriously straight from the nurses mouth, the Dr's don't spend as much time with him becuase of the more serious babies in the unit).  He is eating, and finally gaining, no respitory support, and looks incredible.  Only waiting on his temp and we've been stalled at 27.3 in the isolette for a few days now, they wont even try to move him to a crib til 27.  And now they won't try to move the isolette down until he gains more weight.  My kids are slow gainers.  I'm just so frustrated, I know if he were home or had come to us none of this would be an issue right now, but because he's there now they won't let him go.  I"ve seen a number of babies come in with the same issues he had and they are gone, and really feel he'd be fine at home.

Any suggestions on where to go or what to do?  I'm starting to resent friends and family for saying they would be there to help so I could be with him anytime and now bail at the last minute or are unavailble.  Husband just isn't understanding and I can't get him to take long lunches, go in late to work so I can see baby more.  He thinks one visit a day is fine and can't understand why I"m so upset about it (I usually manage 2 if I can get a sitter, today sucked it up and when to the 5:30 am so I could see him twice).  Family isn't getting it either and keeps lecturing me about taking it easy and not to be focused on the little things like his temp (you know the thing preventing him from coming home).

I would never do anything to endanger his heath and if he weren't in great shape, setting off alarms, loosing weight, or not eating what he needed too I wouldn't be worried about gettting him home.  The really pessimistic part of me is starting to wonder if its a money thing, the slower they go, they longer they keep him, and the more money they make.

Sorry for the rant but hope someone here can steer me the right direction.  I don't like feeling like this and its not fair to my kids or family.  And yes I have called my OB and they say this is all normal.

What's Your Story? Tell us. / Bryce Flynn is here 35 w. 1 d.
« on: January 20, 2012 at 01:04 PM »
From my earlier post many of you saw this was coming.  Bryce as born last night in quite the dramatic fashion at 9:01 pm 5lbs 14 oz after 10.5 weeks of bedrest.  Though in the NICU he is going great and we are still hopeful he may get to join us down here.  Thank you so much for all your thoughts and prayers thru this process, I couldn't have made it this far without all you wonderful, amazing, women.  I will keep you posted and hang in there!

What's Your Story? Tell us. / Here we Go?! Help Please
« on: January 19, 2012 at 07:03 PM »
I'm 35w 1d (I really think we are farther thought).  We've been down for nearly 11 weeks now with PTL and wound up in L&D for the 14th time yesterday.  We were worried I was dehydrated and was having some good contractions.  They hooked us up to a monitor and we're going strong, they checked me and I was at 2.5 60% effaced...we had only been a fingertip the day before at our OB's office.  Let me sit an hour and checked again.  We'd moved to a 3 and 70%.  Again another hour.  We were a 3 and some 80%.  Due to my positive group b step they started getting the antibiotics on board.  After I was hooked up they said it looked like we'd have a baby today and gave me an Ambien to get some sleep.  I went over 8 hours wihout getting checked overnight and wiating for the shift change at the hospital.  Found out this morning I'd made no progress since last night and watched another 2 hours and checked one last time.  Again no change and sent me home.  They won't stop me and said not to do anything to encourage things along either, ie go get back in bed.

So we are home now and I am still contracting every 5 minutes give or take with STRONG, painful contractions.  I have a lot of bloody mucus from all the checks (that alone is freaking me out).  SInce I"m not supposed to walk around I can only rock for pain relief.  I have no idea whe to go back in at this point, my OB"s nurse (OB out of town until tomorrow) said 5 minutes lasting over a minute and about to call the hospital to see what they say. I know if my water finally goes then its a no brainer.

I am so torn right now, I am so tired and in so much pain I just want to be done and part of me is just praying for my water to finally give.  But found out last night that no matter what he'll go to the NICU for testing, I won't even get to hold him...I had been told 34 was the magic number to avoid that.  I want what's best but thought they would at least wait to see before taking him.  I just don't think there is any way I can physically do this for a week.  Due to the contractions I can't eat or sleep and that's never a good combo.

Can anyone offer words of advice, anyone been in this situation, and if so how long did you last.

Making the Best of Bed Rest / Need advice!
« on: December 18, 2011 at 03:35 PM »
We hit 31 weeks today and after our 11th trip to l&d the other night know that my cervic is still holding strong, only loosing .03 cm in the last few weeks.  We still know an early delivery is likely and my gut feeling is 34/35.  So now that delivery is approaching we have a situation we are not sure how to deal with and am hoping you wonderful ladies have suggestions on how the handle this.

My SIL smokes, which is totally her and anyone elses right to do.  However we have noticed over the last few months the smokey smell on her and my nieces is getting really bad.  Due to my bedrest I've only seen them a few times and it is just getting worse.  DH thinks she smokes in the car and even her house, she has two 'room mates' that smoke as well.  I've been to the point for a couple of years due to her 'housekeeping' that we will not take our kids into her house, but she doesn't know this, IL do so make sure all family things are somewhere else.  My neice came and helped for a day and my kids smelled of smoke from her holding them to the point where I changed their clothes.  Then when SIL came to pick her up with her BF they stood in the door for less than 5 minutes and a smokey smell filled the entire house for nearly an hour.   I know I have hyper seinsitive pregnancy nose right now, so I asked DH about it and he noticed it too.  Our in laws watch the girls almost every day and we can smell it a little in their house, especially on the couch where the girls sit.  It drives my MIL nuts.

So here's where we get sticky,  when little man comes they come to the hospital to visit, and hold the new baby usually at least once a day until we're home... and we feel really bad about this that we don't want them holding him due to the amount of smoke on them and their clothes.  Chances are he will be early and I don't wan't him inhaling it or getting all over him.  With our first two she would smoke outside so it wasn't that bad, there wasn't really an issue.  I am at a loss of how to tell them this or even bring it up with his parents, DH suggested we go here.  The smell is beyond putting a gown on, its in their hair, skin, and clothes.  I don't know if new clothes, shower at my IL's house, and riding in my IL car would be enough.  I know if he's in the NICU they won't be allowed in there but I'm hoping for the best.  We want to take care of if before the hospital to avoid an awkward situation there, and I"m not sure how long until I'll feel comfortable even after we come home.  Anyone had to deal with this or something like it?  Any advice would be welcome.  Its not that we don't love them or want them to see/hold baby, we're just not wanting him exposed to that.

Okay I know this is super silly and shoudn't be on my mind right now but it is.  I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for getting your hair touched up with color or highlights.  Its been 8 weeks since I had it done and my roots are just awful, not to mention very very noticeable.  Its silly but they are driving me nuts and I don't want to see them in all the Christmas pictures and later delivery pictures.   I know there is no way of getting to a salon right now as sitting for the 2-3 hours it takes is out of the question.  I've toyed with having DH pick up a kit at the store but don't konw how much up that would entail.  I trust DH with paiting my toes, not sure how a feel about him working on my hair.   Any of you mom's done this?  Or just let it go?

After 2 positives we got a negative FFN today at my OB visit!  They are all shocked saying that rarely happens, I'm just happy I feel like I've got 2 weeks to relax just a little.  We'll get another round of steroids tomorrow and though I tried for a little let up, am still on bedrest and meds.   OB seems confident we'll make it to 35, I"m still doubtful, the contractions are getting stronger, longer, and more painful.  When they get going they really get going.  I know were not out of the woods yet, but its just nice to get some good news at an appt.  Hope everyone else is hanging in there and 35 is just 5.5 weeks away...I am starting to see the light.

So I've had 2 positive FFN with 8 trips to L&D to get contractions under control and am under strict orders to go in if I have more that 6 contractions in and hour.  We're 28/29 weeks and so close to 30 and we just don't want to mess around a such a crucial time.  The other night I had 8, 1 lasting for over 10 minutes.  I took my nephedipine early and a shower and we headed in.  By the time we got there and hooked up to the monitor things had calmed down quite a bit.  The monitor wasn't picking them up but I was still feeling them.  The nurse and Dr. taking care of me just seemed annoyed that I'd come in.  The contraction monitor wasn't on too tight and she half hazardly moved it around to try to find them, even ignoring me when I would tell her I was having one.  The Dr. came it, the second time I'd seen her, and she too just seemed annoyed I was there again and only checked my cervix because I had asked.  I was  sent home within an hour of getting in told to take the neph more often.  The nurse then said that I shouldn't come in unless the contractions felt they were doing something.  I admit things had calmed down by the time I got there but I felt like they just wanted me out of there.  This is my third and my contractions feel like this right up to and even after my water breaks.

We could see other rooms on our monitor as well and they were definitly getting people in and out fast, when we came in 4 were hooked up and when we left there was 1 and she was about to deliver.  I had just gotten over feeling stupid for going in pretty much once a week...but each time I was contracting and it took extra medication to get it to stop.  I'm also getting such mixed signals, one of Dr.'s there said to have the hair trigger especially with how I was.  This one was like 'your still thick wait til they start hurting'.

Has anyone else had this?  I was thinking of talking to my OB about it at my appointment.  I know that they do it to other patients and I hate to think someone doesn't go in when they need to because of how they were made to feel on their last visit.  What would you do?

What's Your Story? Tell us. / Positive Appt
« on: November 29, 2011 at 09:20 PM »
Well finally saw my OB today and overall she was very positive.  Baby is great but I have a lot of belly is measuring 34 while I"m at 28.  So she thinks we get to throw GD into the mix.  Cervix is still closed, no funneling but soft and now at 3.76cm  we were 4.6 a week and a half ago.  She's not worried because we're still nice and thick.  So we're still on bed rest and contraction control thinks we'll make it to 30 and even 35.  I have renewed hope we may doge hospital bed rest.  Hope everyone is hanging in there.

Well we landed in L&D for the 6th time last night and after checking my cervix was told I was VERY soft but thankfully still closed...2.5 weeks ago I was firm and closed.  I see my OB Tues and she'll measure, last week we were at 4.6...hoping that hasn't changed yet.  We've had 2 positive FFN so the Dr. said it was only a matter of time before they keep me for constant monitoring and heavy duty contraction control.  I am mentally preparing to be sent in Tuesday after my appt if things don't look good.  I'll be 28 weeks tomorrow...huge milestone and next is 30 for the next round of steroids.  I just seems to be full blown pre term labor, and it seems the contractions are starting to do something and getting more intense/painful.  I asked for a cerglage but was told I was way past that point. 

So I need to know what to pack and how to prepare my little ones 4 and 18 months.  I will take a bag for me and some toys for them for when they come see me but I"m lost as to what to  bring.

Also DH is preparing for FMLA at work, anything we need to know about that?  Or worth putting them in day care to keep him working longer?

What's Your Story? Tell us. / 27 Weeks and new here
« on: November 22, 2011 at 11:43 AM »
Hi my name is Chelsey and I'm 2.5 weeks into my 10 week bedrest.  This will be our third little one and the first one that I've had so much trouble with.  Our second had 2 early trips to L&D with contractions but never anything to worry about.  He came at 36 and 4 with no issues.  So we knew going into this one he's probably come early, our OB predicted 35/36.  I had to go in at 22 weeks with contractions but was just taken off of work and told to take it easy.  However everything went nuts at 24 weeks ago when I started contracting again.  At the hospital we got a positive FFN.  I was kept over night to get things under control and am now home on bedrest.  I"m taking a lovely calcium blocker 3 times a day, which makes me sick, sleepy, dizzy, and loopy.  Tough with a 4 and 1.5 year old but worth it to keep him in.  A brightspot is my cervix is 4.6/5 with no funneling depending on what Dr. is doing the ultrasound.  Little man is also measuring a week ahead of his due date and is very healthy.  The explanation for the pre term labor I was given was "your uterus doesn't like having a baby in it" and he's super active...literally using his exit point as a punching bag. 
Its been a tough couple of weeks, right after everything happened the family rallied and I had someone here every day...since then everyone's slipped back into normal life and I honestly feel like I"m twisting arms to get people out to help.  We need help but I don't want to force them to come out here.  I've been to L&D twice since then for labor checks the last time my dose of the blocker getting uped.
Its just nice to find somewhere where other women are going thru the same thing, its hard to talk with others who aren't in the same situation.  I don't want to worry the parents or in laws and my husband has enough on his plate with work, taking care of me, the house, and the kids.

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