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What's Your Story? Tell us. / Back again with short cervix
« on: May 14, 2016 at 09:16 AM »
Hi Ladies,

This is my second pregnancy that I have been put on bed rest for. With my first back in 2010/11 I was diagnosed with a short cervix (1.7cm) at 20 weeks during the anatomy scan. I worked for a few weeks more but when my cervix dropped to 9mm they admitted me straight to L&D. I spent a few days in the hospital, got the steroid shots but was sent home to continue my bed rest there when my next measurement showed 1.6cm. All the while they monitored me weekly from 20-32 weeks and my CL bounced back and forth from 9mm to 2cm. I came off bed rest at 35 weeks and delivered my daughter at 41w1d!! Which I don't think anyone was expecting. At that time I didn't have a cerclage and was not prescribed progesterone - only the bed rest.

I had two losses between that and this pregnancy. In 2014 I experienced PPROM at 16w4d and delivered a baby girl few days later after I was induced (I was told baby wouldn't survive - my sac completely ruptured and there was no amniotic fluid left). The autopsy show that I had a clot in the placenta which caused part of it to die and the dead tissue caused an infection that broke my water. The baby showed signs of intrauterine growth restriction due to the lack of blood flow. About 6 months later I had MMC at 11 weeks. Baby stopped growing at 6.5w. They prescribed Misoprostol to bring on the miscarriage and eventually I had to have a D&C to remove some infected tissue that wouldn't budge.

It took us a year to get pregnant again with this pregnancy. Because of my history I have been cared for by the high risk doctors since 12 weeks. They are monitoring my placenta (so far so good) and my cervical length. At 14 weeks I was 4cm, 16 weeks it went to 3.5, 18 weeks down to 2.2cm. Last week at 19 weeks it dropped again to 1.5cm and they admitted me for an emergency cerclage. I am on bed rest until my follow up appointment on Thursday where they will check CL again to establish my new base line. They also prescribed Prometrium suppositories which I am taking nightly. I am nervous about reaching term just because I have already had a loss but between the bedrest, cerclage and progesterone I am feeling optimistic about my odds.

I know bed rest is a long hard journey but I feel a little more prepared for it the second time round. I am also looking forward to the support from this site and you ladies. It was a real lifesaver the last time. I wish you all the best in your journeys and I am looking forward to getting to know you all.


PS. I am in Toronto Canada so my treatment and care pathway might differ from what the US and other countries do, based on what I had read in the past about what happens in the states at least.

Hi Ladies,

I am new here for this pregnancy. I used this site a lot when I was pregnant with my daughter 5 years ago while I was on bedrest with her. This time I have a job that I can work from home for the most part so that is what I will be doing this coming week at least and perhaps longer depending on how it goes and how my boss and I both feel it is working.

My question for you ladies, specifically for those of you that are working from home, what are you doing to make it easier? I have a laptop but I find that it's hard to use for long periods of time, especially when I need to keep changing positions. When I am on my side I pretty much can't do anything at all but read emails. Are you using special tables or trays? Have you switched to tablets?? (I don't have but would consider getting - it would also make surfing and checking out these website a lot easier). I realize that in this condition I won't be working at full capacity but luckily it is quieter over the summer so that shouldn't be a problem.

Thanks for any advice or tips you can give. Even if it's just to recommend not working! LOL

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