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I've need some advice/reassurance from those who went into labour and had IC and/or were already dilated for a while... Basically i've been reading some 'horror' stories of women who had very short labours and didn't really feel any contractions, even women whose labour went so fast they delivered at home :( short and painless labour would sound wonderfull if it wasn't for t fact that i'm at least half an hours' drive ro t hospital and my partner will be at work all day! So i'm really getting worried about not worrying enough? I just hit 36w and now am getting really anxious... I've been having a lot of pelvic pressure but think this is probably normal. My belly keeps getting hard on and off, but no real pain. I'm just waiting for it to get painfull, but is it going to get painfull? If at least my waters broke i would phone t hospital and get going...

Anyway, i'd just like to know if anyone had a fast labour with no warning, if you don't feel contractions how are you supposed to know? Do i have time to call a cab? I'm guessing t baby won't come out till i push but i read some stories of women who just didn't realise what was happening untill t baby's head started popping out :O should i stop reading nonsense on t internet or what???

Making the Best of Bed Rest / vertigo
« on: April 29, 2012 at 11:00 PM »
hi! Not sure where to post this... Anyone else suffered from vertigo since on bedrest? I had it for t first time 2 weeks ago, didn't know what was wrong with me, went all t way to emergency only to b told that 'it's just vertigo', try not to do sudden movements (like i'm doing anything vaguely active in bed!) bla bla bla... Anyway, i felt dizzy for a couple of days and it went away. Yesterday afternoon it came back with a vengeance! I wasn't able to move, felt like i was under anaesthetic or some drug, my partener had to pick me up and take me for toilet trips. Today he's gone to work and i'm feeling a lot better but still holding on to t walls on my way to t toilet. Nearly fell off t toilet seat, i just can't keep my balance... My peri just shrugged her shoulders and said she didn't know what to say, probably to do with pregnacy and will go away... Am i supposed to be on bed rest stuck at home all day on my own and just put up with this? Should i see an ear-specialist or is there anything i can take to stop t dizziness? I'm not just on bedrest now, i'm completely frozen, can't even move my head...if anyone has suffered from vertigo, please help! (I'm not talking about pregnancy dizziness and nausea and low blood pressure, i'm talking about falling off a 10 storey building and not being able to lift your head, falling like a log if i try to sit or stand up - dangerous!). Thanks.

Making the Best of Bed Rest / bed rest or bed arrest??
« on: March 08, 2012 at 10:27 PM »
  hi everyone! How about we start calling it bed arrest? Call a spade a spade!? Maybe we won't have to hear any more condescending comments that we just have to take it easy, 'all' we have to do is lie in bed all day...

Sorry, i'm just bored! Thought of t bed arrest re-naming after trying to explain it all to my sister who is a career minded workaholic and doesn't even get 'what's t problem anyway?' ::)

Making the Best of Bed Rest / lying on your right side.... help!!!
« on: March 04, 2012 at 09:51 PM »
hi! Just wonder what's everyone's view and experience re lying in bed... I find it impossible to read or type or even watch tv lying on my side. How importemportant is it really?? I'm only 25 weeks and find it much more confortable to read or even talk on t phone if i'm lying on my back, also don't get neck ache this way. I've been avoiding lying on my left side too, but does this really matter? Please help!

What's Your Story? Tell us. / introduction
« on: March 04, 2012 at 09:39 PM »
 hi! I'm new here, name is Rosa and only been on bedrest for 6 days but feels like a year... I took ages typing my story,using mobile phone, and then went to post and got asked for password again and the whole thing disappeared. My neck and arms hurt now, i'm used to touch typing, trying to do anything lying down is just a joke... Anyway, i'm gald i found this forum and look forward to sharing stories. I'm on strict bed rest since tuesday, i'm 25weeks, cervix is 1.3com (was just under 3cm a month ago but doing fine considerinng i had leep/lletz last year), now it's getting shorter even though i've been onprogesterone pessaries for 2 weeks... Anyway, better try to post this before it disappears and i cry again. Cheers

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