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Last Friday evening (i had made 31 weeks that day) I went to the bathroom to pee and as I was going, I felt something "come out". I could tell it was a blood clot. Sure enough, it was a clot, about the size of a quarter, followed by a gush of blood. My hubby rushed me to L&D. My doc happened to be on call so he was there. He checked me and everything looked good. He thought I was going into labor. He said that when you have a cerclage , you can begin to bleed like that when you go into labor. By the next afternoon, the bleeding had completely stopped. He kept me in the hospital for a few days to monitor us (both the baby and I) and I came home on Monday. I haven't had anymore bleeding since. He said that when he checked me vaginally that the cerclage felt "tight", so the bleeding was most likely caused from that and also the pressure on the cerclage. Has anyone else with a cerclage had any bleeding episodes like this? I had a bleed around 23 weeks but that was from placenta previa. I no longer have a previa so we know the bleeding wasnt from that. Thanks for the help ladies  :)

I have been taking weekly progesterone injections since around 17 weeks. I am currently 30 weeks. For those of you that have taken them, at what point did your doctor take you off of them? Last week my specialist said that once I get to 34 weeks, if I go into labor they won't try to stop it any longer. So I'm thinking they will take me off maybe around 33 or 34 weeks?

Also, I know the question I am about to ask is a little, um, personal  :o, but if anyone has any suggestions, they willl be greatly apperciated ! Since I have been on bedrest, I have had lots of problems with constipation. One week everything may be fine and then the next I am severely constipated. Then sometimes out of the blue, I may get diarreah (sp?) for a day or so. My doctor has me on peri colace twice a day. I also keep over the counter glycerine suppositories on hand for when I need. At one point it got so bad I had to drink this horrible stuff. I forget the name, it was something over the counter. Is anyone else having these problems? If so, any suggestions?

Thank you in advance for any and all replies !  :D

I have never had a real contraction. My first pregnancy, everything was going fine then at my 28 week checkup, my doc told me I was dialated to 2cm. I told him that a couple of days before that, it felt like the baby was getting into a tight ball, but that it didn't hurt. He said that was probably a contraction. I thought they hurt? At least that is what I have seen on TLC's Baby Story ! I ended up holding him for 7 more weeks on bedrest and delivered a healthy baby boy via c-section at 35 weeks. Then on my second pregnancy, again everything went fine until 30 weeks when my water broke (the morning of my baby shower, how convenient !). We had to deliever that evening, again via c-section. He was in the NICU for a little over a month but had no serious problems, thank God. Then with this third pregnancy, I had a cerclage at 18 weeks and have been on bedrest since. I'm now 27w2d. I'm not having contractions but I know that it's possible for me to maybe have some at some point. So I'm wondering what do they feel like ? Do the "early on" contractions feel like the baby is balling up real tight? And then is it like horrible period cramps and shooting pain? I know sometimes you can feel it in your back. Is it the same feeling with that? Sorry I kinda went on ! Thanks for the help !  ;)

Hello ladies, I have a quick question for ya'll. Last week I had a positive FFN so my doctor gave me a round of steroid shots to help develop the baby's lungs in case she were to come early. (From what I hear a positive FFN isn't very accurate?) When I had the shots I was 25w 3d. Just say she is born around 30ish weeks....will the steroid shots still be beneficial to her? Or do they wear off after a certain amount of time? Thanks in advance for all responses !  ;D

Making the Best of Bed Rest / Lay in bed, sofa or recliner?
« on: May 01, 2012 at 11:30 AM »
So, I have kind of a crazy question for ya'll !!  ;D  At 18 weeks I had a cerclage put in due to a short cervix. I have been on bedrest since. I am currently 26 weeks strong !!! My doc told me not to sit upright. He said to always stay in a reclined position, in order to keep pressure off of my cervix. When he discharged me, I asked him if its ok to lay back on a recliner and he said yes. Well, I spend most of the day laying on my reliner (with a few pillows for support). During the afternoon I will usually go lay on the sofa for a few hours. And of course at night I sleep in my bed. So, I am just wondering what is everyone else doing?  Do yall think I should be laying flat (like on the sofa or bed) more often? Thanks for the help !!  ;)

Hello all ! First, I just wanna say how much I enjoy reading all of the posts on here. So reassuring to know there are other women going thru the same things as I am. So, for my question/story: I had a permanant cerclage put in at 18 weeks. My cervix was measuring around 2.3. I have been on bedrest since. My doc had to "dissect" off of my bladder in order to have enough room to put in the cerclage. I also have placenta previa which resulted in 2 bleeds and a weeklong hospital stay.  I am currently at 26 weeks 3 days. Last Monday, I had a positive FFN. That night they did a vaginal ultrasound and my cervix was about 2.2. They also did a biophysical profile on the baby and she scored a 8 out of 10. I have also been on weekly progesterone shots since 18 weeks and last week I had the round of steroid shots and also took a 3 day round of another medication (can't remember the name of it, it starts with an i) to help prolong the pregnancy. I made it to our first goal of 26 weeks. Now I am looking forward to my second goal of 28 weeks!  ;D Has anyone else had a permanant cerclage put in?  ??? Or, have a similar situation to mine? If so, how long did you make it on bedrest? Any and all responses are appreciated!!  ;)

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