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What's Your Story? Tell us. / New here. Twins and bed rest in Germany
« on: April 06, 2012 at 11:34 AM »
Hello all, found this a few days ago and like the well balanced articles and forum.

I live in Germany and am in my 24th week with twin boys. It's my first pregnancy. I am on bedrest for 5 weeks now.

My pregnancy got monitored frequently at an early stage already, because it seemed like the kiddos were developing a twin-to-twin-transfusion syndrome. So far that is not the case, the placenta seems to deliver only different amounts of nutrients to each of the boys. They do very well and grow steadily in their own pace, which I am really happy about.
So once I was relieved about this, the next challenge was on its way. My OB found out that my cervix funneled and was only at 2,6 cm - that very day I was forbidden my job and was sent home on moderate bed rest. 4 weeks I spent at home, hardly going out and being in bed mostly. Then the last exam showed that my cervix has opened even more, now only at 1 cm. Ouch! They kept me in the hospital right away and I was pretty overwhelmed finding myself in a strange white linen bed again. Medication, injections, support tights followed, and my first night was felt horrible. I thought I would not be able to do this, I felt like I am stuck within an empty room without a door and my breathing got all shallow. I was scared for the fetus boys, a lot of mind stuff in my head, dark ones, more darkened by the night. Next morning after a little minutes of sleep I felt so much better. The dark thoughts vanished and now one week later I adapted here pretty well, I think. I reminded myself, that everything is a process and takes its time. So I should not be too impatient and give myself and my body some time to adapt. I am also glad for the kindness and support of my partner, friends and family. Now THAT helps a lot, too. Medical staff here is also nice and seems competent within their decisions.

Since then: At the hospital they detected an urine infection, which probably caused the further shortening. I was given antibiotics and now the infection vanished. Woo! Along with this I got steroid shots just in case. They also contemplated about a cerclage, but since things keep cool for now, they think they will not do it. I do hope that my cervix will now strengthen a bit. I really lie down most of the day, even to the toilet I am rolled into in a wheelchair. I really do hope I can make it to the week 30 at least, preferably 32 or 34. The boys do well, they move and poke out, and that feels reassuring.

One question: Medical staff asks me if I feel contractions and stuff. They want me to tell them once I feel something, only the thing is: I never felt any or identified anything as that. That is irritating me, but since I have such a short cervix I must have had some. Any ideas how to identify them?

Best wishes to you all and happy eastern,

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