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I was on strict bed rest for 10 weeks and am now on modifed bed rest and will soon be released from bed rest altogether. I am excited about getting out and about a little, but I have such little energy. It takes all my morning energy just to get up and showered to go somewhere, then I have to lie down for 45 min before we can leave the house.

I felt my legs getting weaker through out my time in bed and they are slowly getting better, but my endurance hasn't seemed to change any. I thought bed rest was frustrating enough, but now that I can do a few things, I barely have the energy. And forbid me to say this, but sometimes I get so tired I just want to get back in bed!!!! (10 weeks ago I could not have imagined saying that!)

If there is anyone out there who is doing bed rest for a second time or is getting off bed rest, I would love advice on how to cope with bed rest recovery. And for those of you currently on bed rest, know that it will take time to recover from your confinement... you can't just hop out of bed and go to the grocery store. And that can be just as frustrating as staying in bed!!!! So take your time and let your family know that you won't be back to your old self immediately after. And then you may have to take care of a baby too.....


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