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HI everyone.
  So glad to have a place to share story/ get support.  We are 22.1 weeks today 5/28 with
twin baby girls.  This is my first pregnancy.  I was told to stop working 2 weeks ago and put
on bedrest for a cervical length of 2.5cm, closed. I was also having some contractions and went
to the triage 2 times.  Since starting bedrest the contractions are much improved.  I am
also taking procardia q 6-8 depending on my tightness.
   I was Soooo scared at first and still have moments of fear.  I am trying hard to take
it a day at a time and focus on the end goal of having healthy gorgeous babes.
Some questions:
  Anyone find they didn't need procardia as much after starting bedrest?  Some days I
go for 10 hours without a contraction and without procardia.  I've been getting horrible
headaches with it, so I try to take it q 8 at the most.  My doc said it's ok to vary q 6 or q8.

Also:  My last cervical check was the same 2.5cm closed, doc said to wait 2 weeks before
next check.  Is that pretty standard?  I feel like I want someone to check it every week for

Thanks and I wish you all the best.  I'll be around for at least 12 more weeks here!!!

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