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Don't know what to do. i was just thinking today to at least buy some clothes.
I'm only 24 so I would like to wait till 28 weeks to buy stuff. I don't have anything as well. My daughter is 4 and half, and after my second miscarriage I gave all the clothes away, and after my third miscarriage i gave all the toys away.
One of my friend, pregnant as well with complication, told me that she won't buy anything yet (she is not even half way) but she already put a lot of stuff in her on-line shopping bag or wishing list, so she has the peace of mind that she has already picked stuff.

I will at least buy some small stuff, and pick the big stuff that you need right away (crib, car seat, and stroller...). I do think think 27 it is save to start shopping.
Good luck

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« on: June 11, 2012 at 11:05 PM »
Hello Everyone
My name is Daniela, I'm 16 weeks and 3 days pregnant on bed rest.
I had a cerclage last Monday (June 4, 15 weeks and 2 days) for IC, after the surgery the doctor said that the cervix was basically gone, she had to pulled it back (no idea how she did that) and put a cerclage. I went for a check up Friday and the cervix looks better, but I don't know how long it is. Now I'm on bed rest.
I will start my progesterone shot next Friday at 17 weeks.
At the 12 weeks appointment the cervix was fine, but because I had a cerclage with my first pregnancy we decided to do it even with this one. Between week 12 and week 15 the cervix changed drastically. But I'm glad the doctor was able to put the cerclage, now I hope that with bed rest and P17 Shot I can keep the baby until at least week 32.

This is a great forum, it is wonderful to read abut so many successful stories.
I wish good luck to all of you

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