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What's Your Story? Tell us. / New to bedrest...eeep!
« on: January 11, 2011 at 07:17 PM »
Hi All!

I'm so happy to have found this forum!  Here's my story!

I am a very proud mommy of 2 little girls, age 3 & 6 and we are expecting identical twin boys - 40 due date is April 3rd, 2011:). We found out we had 2 buns in the oven when we were 19 weeks pregnant- it was a HUGE shocker!  At our 24 week appointment the boys looks strong, and so did my cervix...alas...we had our 28 week appointment yesterday.  Our boys are amazing, strong and cervix on the other hand has shortened and the opening is shaped like a "y"(is that the same as funneling?) So here I am, at 28 weeks on full bedrest.  I've been told, I am only to rise from 90% to 100% horizontal for bathroom breaks, to get a drink for myself or to get myself something to eat.  This is a very challenging concept to me...but honestly, anything for these boys  :)

I do have a few questions I must admit...for instance - my doctor said no sex - does that mean no orgasms?  Or just no penetration/ semen?i like to ask frank and honest questions so i hope that's ok with all you mommies sharing this situation with me.

I am looking forward to hearing your stories, advice and tips for maintaining sanity .

My mantra is gravity is the enemy - I have assumed the anti-gravity position.

Way to go all you champion mommies!  Every one of you amaze me :)

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