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I've been in the hospital on a mag sulfate IV for almost a month, and next week (at 34 weeks) I get to go home. The doc says there's no way to tell how long I'll make it before the babies come, but I probably won't go full term. I'm on a high dose (2.5g/h) but it still hasn't completely stopped my contractions. For anyone out there who took mag for a long time, how did you fare when you went off it?

Hi ladies! It's great to find such an active forum. Here's my story:

Starting around 24 weeks I had a lot of contractions. But they didn't come at regular intervals and resting/drinking water/peeing made them go away. Plus with twins you get so stretched out it can be hard to tell the difference between a contraction and a baby trying to change positions. I mentioned these to my OB and he didn't seem worried.

But at my bi-weekly scan at 29 weeks my cervix had shortened to 3 cm from 5 at the previous scan. They sent me to l&d for monitoring and found I was having a contraction every 10 minutes. So my perinatologist started me on steroids for the babies and sent me home to take Procardia and rest (not bedrest, just taking it easy).

By the time I came back the next day for the second steroid shot I had no more contractions while lying down, and a fetal fibronectin test came back negative. But I still got them sporadically while walking around. The peri told me to go home, try to stay off my feet (but going to work was still OK) and come back in a week.

When I came back my cervix was 1.5 cm. So he sent me to the hospital for bed rest—with bathroom privileges, thankfully—and mag sulfate until I hit 32 weeks, at which time he will probably let me go home (to stay in bed for the duration of the pregnancy, presumably). Luckily the mag hasn't been too hard on me—the first night I had slurred speech and was pretty out of it, but after that I adjusted ... it just makes some of my veins hurt and makes me really, really warm. Thankfully I have a room with a functioning air conditioner and can keep it to a meat-locker temperature in here.

I've been here four days and it hasn't been too unbearable thus far. I've been doing some work remotely, which helps. If I can keep these babies in, it's all worth it.

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