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What's Your Story? Tell us. / Elayna Katheryn
« on: September 03, 2013 at 11:41 PM »
Elayna Katheryn joined us on Aug 21 at 3:43am weighing 7 lbs 3 ounces and 20 inches.  She was actually born on her due date!  She was healthy and fed right away. I made it through labor with no epidural, as I wanted to. But only because I waited so long to go to the hospital. I labored at home for about 2 hours before we left the house for the hospital, she was born one hour after we arrived, but only 10 minutes after we were ushered into the room which she was delivered in. I was begging for the epidural  but it was too late, I couldn’t even fill out the paper work. They barely had the IV in me when my water broke and I told them I have to push. They said not until you feel like you have to poop. I was like ‘yes, I feel like I have to poop. You don’t understand get the dr in here now!’. The nurse examined me and yelled ‘we need a set up’ and like 15 people rushed into the room.

My 4 year old son was there with me and my hubby (as my mom didn’t make it in time  to watch him for us, she was driving from S FL).  He handled it well.  Once I started screaming the Dr. had some nurses take him out of the room. After wards she said she did it because he looked petrified and just didn’t want him to be scared. He was happy when he came in the room afterwards with a popsicle and a hat for his baby sis. I love that kid so much. He has been the best big bro too.

So, 15 people rushed into the room and its time to push. The pain is tremendous so I am screaming because I just had to. They tell me the baby’s heart rate is 80 and I need to get her out now. I told myself I didn’t come this far after bed rest to lose her now so I gave it my all and pushed through all the pain. It was so epic to feel everything and do it naturally (even if I would have taken that darn epidural if I could have) it is an experience I will always remember. I had an epidural with my son so this was my second birth, first natural.

Well that is the happy ending to my story (tears welling  as I type). After 4 months of bedrest I have my baby...and the icing on the cake is it was a girl, we were waiting to find out :-)

 I hope everyone here has their happy ending too. Thanks for all the support ladies. Hang in there.

I am 26 weeks, been on MBR since 20w with a dynamic cervix measuring no lower than a 2.1 cm with pressure. I've been going to the high risk dr. weekly for cervical measurements. My measurements improved the past two visits, 2.8cm yesterday with pressure so looks like the progesterone and MBR are working. Thank goodness.

Yesterday my high risk ob informed me I am getting out of the 'danger zone' with how far along my pregnancy is and that since my cervical length is improving I'll only need to come in monthly. This is great news I know, but for some reason that scares me because my weekly visits give me peace of mind. I voiced that concern to her, and she said now that I am at this point in my pregnancy, I will be able to see the preterm labor signs better, rather than earlier in my pregnancy when it would be more spontaneous.

Has anyone ever heard this before from a dr? how far apart are your drs. appointments?

Hello fellow bedresters,

I am almost 24 weeks and I've been on MBR since 20 weeks due to a short cervix. My measurements have varied, started out at a 3.1 at which point I was still working, not on BR, and just was careful. Then it went down to 2.1 that is when my high risk OB put me on MBR and vaginal progesterone. Since then I’ve varied between 2.8 and 2.2, and there has also been some funneling. I can shower once a day, make meals for myself, and doc said one load of laundry a day is ok. No lifting, shopping trips, house cleaning, working, walking, sex, ect. I am to be preferably laying down, sitting is better than standing.

During my first pregnancy, at 30 weeks (due to being 2cm and 75% effaced ) I went on hospital BR for 4 weeks than 2 weeks strict home bed-rest. I wasn't considered high risk with my first, so my warning sign that something was up is as follows: i had read-up on just about everything pregnancy/delivery related and signs of preterm labor was one. So while going pee a work one day i noticed a huge long glob of what looked like snot, but long and stringy. Kinda like I blew my nose in my underwear. Sorry for tmi but if my experience can help others than details are needed. I had read that any changes in your discharge is a sign of preterm labor so figured I better go see the doc, not really thinking anything was wrong and that I was just being paranoid. Well I left work that day for my OB and didn't return. My ob examined me and said i was 75% effaced and 2 cm and needed to go straight to the hospital, no stop at home for clothes. In triage found out I was contracting 6 times an hour. I did notice the contractions for months but figured they were normal BH. Thankfully, my son came full term though at 37 w 3 days.

This time around its different, since my total time on bedrest will be 4 months! Ugh. I have a 3.5 year old but luckily my husband is home to take care of him...and me. Well, he is looking for a job and should get one here soon but being out of work has never worked out so well. He is supportive too, which is so great esp when I read how some spouses/boyfriends react.

I am so scared this baby will come early. I don’t want my baby in the NICU. I am going to be sooo out of shape when this all ends. I want to play with my son (thank God for board games). I want to go on a walk. I miss cooking!  I want to have sex, badly. At least I have Netflix and the local library.

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