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Making the Best of Bed Rest / Madeleine Anne
« on: September 07, 2013 at 04:58 PM »
My bed rest baby Madeleine was born at 5:21 am on September 4 at 36w6d after 14 weeks of bed rest. My water broke at 2:15 am. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to tell if that happened because of my cerclage, but I shouldn't have worried! There was no missing it! Maddie was breech so the doctor performed an emergency c-section. We had been to an appointment with my OB on the 3rd and we were waiting for the date of a scheduled section. I guess Maddie did not want to wait! She spent 6 hours in the NICU because she had low blood sugar due to my gestational diabetes, but her glucose level came up by the second test so most of time they were just monitoring her to be sure. Her daddy was with her the whole time because I had to stay in recovery. Now we are all home together and she is healthy and happy. We took down our bed rest calendar today, the one that helped keep me and DH focused and motivated throughout the bed rest. Best wishes to all the mamas on the hard bed rest path.

Hi all, I am pregnant with my first baby and on bed rest for the next few months. The 20w US showed I had a shortened cervix last Tuesday -- huge surprise to me, my fiancé and my OB. I hadn't even heard of this condition before. I was admitted to the hospital immediately and we waited to see if progesterone and bed rest would help. On Thursday my cervix was shorter, so I had emergency cerclage. Very scary but it went well. Now we are waiting. My OB also found I had too much amniotic fluid so she ordered a glucose test and it turns out I have gestational diabetes. Cutting out sugar right away brought the amniotic fluid level back to normal, which was a relief. The diabetes was another shock since I am a vegetarian and--when I'm not pregnant!--an athlete. I am 35 though, so I guess that can be a factor.

At 21 weeks now, in bed except for bathroom visits. I've been having some occasional tightening, kind of mini-contractions, and the doctor says it's to be expected, but it's scary. I really appreciate all the tips on this site for handling bed rest. Our goal is 33 weeks and my sister and I made a wall chart so we can cross off the days and weeks. Next big milestone will be 24 weeks--in 16 days.

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