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Since 14 weeks of pregnancy, I've had either BV or recurring yeast.  Flagyl treated BV, but the yeast is out of control every week.  I try diet changes, probiotics and RX creams but nothing helps knock this out permanently except having a baby.  (I never had this before pregnancy so this is all new)  Putting something inside causes spotting since its all charged up tin here.  Asked my high risk OB and he says I have yeast and stay on RX tercon...  I wondered if I should be put on antibiotics, but he says that these cause more problems for PTL b/c it can cause another infection to opportunistically come in given that antibiotics kill the good and the bad.  So, why am I feeling like a sitting duck here?  Anyone had the same issue?  I want to avoid infection causing any water to break which I read and heard can be caused by vaginal infections.  Could use some practical advice.  I'm 22 weeks now.

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