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What's Your Story? Tell us. / Back Again
« on: May 28, 2012 at 07:42 PM »

I was here about 18 months ago with my last little girl. I was on strict bedrest with her from 17 wks until I delivered her at 35 wks 6 days due to preterm labor/irritable uterus. She was born perfectly healthy though and was able to go home from the hospital with me two days after delivery (the steroid shots helped I'm sure!) :) We thought we were done, but the dr said I had a very low chance of that happening again as my pregnancies with my other four kids were pretty uneventful, so we tried for one more. I've decided we should start buying lottery tickets as we beat the odds and contractions started even earlier at 14 wks.

Last time they had me on terbutaline for most of my bedrest, but my OB said they aren't using it long term for pregnancies anymore. He put me on progesterone shots instead. I'm also using holistic meds (with my OBs permission) and my master herbalist put me on red raspberry leaf tea/pills. They have kept the contractions down enough that I've made it through 9 wks so far on modified bedrest rather than strict :) My goal is to hit at least 35 wks, so I have another 12 wks to go. I'm due Sept 22nd, but we're hoping to make it to August 18th. This is my sixth child and our fifth little girl :) We're naming her Laura Alice :)

I was put on terbutaline yesterday, although I'm only taking it orally and I think I'm on a very low dose. My dr has me taking 2.5 mg every 4 hours around the clock. What are normal doses of terbutaline? How often do most people take it? The dosing recommendations that I found online were mostly for asthma treatments. I know it can also be administered through a pump and my dr expects that at some point I will need to go that route. What side effects did you experience? I just feel really shaky. Do side effects get worse with higher doses?

Thank you!

What's Your Story? Tell us. / Hello :)
« on: July 30, 2010 at 02:05 PM »
I've been on bedrest for almost three weeks now. I'm 20 wks pg with our 5th child. I didn't have any problems with the other four that were related to preterm labor, so this was a bit unexpected. I started having contractions at 17 weeks. At my last appt my cervix measured about 3 cms and the bedrest is helping decrease the contractions, so I haven't been put on meds yet, although my dr is talking about terbutalane. I had to be induced with our first daughter at 40 wks, although I had dilated to 3 cms by 36 wks. The other three were all early, two showing up at 37 wks 0 days and the last one arriving at 36 wks 0 days, although all three were fine and never spent even an hour in the NICU.

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