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Can't offer any specific hope or advice since my set of complications is different, but I just want to welcome you to the forum and wish you luck. Cervical lengths can fluctuate a bit depending on who does the measurements (for example at my recent scan the cervical measurement done by my ob and the tech were almost 1cm different), so I am hoping for you that you are back over 3cm at your next appointment. Time to see a MFM specialist if you aren't already. You are getting close to viability now so don't hesitate to go to hospital if you have any preterm labor symptoms. You are doing the right thing by taking it easy for now.

Let us know how your scan goes  :)

What's Your Story? Tell us. / Re: Back for round 3
« on: Today at 01:40 PM »
Thanks OBMom, that is really helpful info on baby's growth. Right now I'm scheduled for monthly growth checks but I will ask at my next scan if they think bumping me up to every two weeks would be appropriate. Luckily my weight gain is right on target for now, I am a stress eater so I would be way over the ideal weight gain if I didn't still have some mild nausea keeping me in check!

I'm trying to remind myself that a small baby might actually be a good thing for me; if my deformed uterus has a maximum stretching capacity, then giving birth to  small 32 weeker might be better than giving birth to a normal size 28 weeker for example.

I'll be asking my doctors this question too, but do you reckon if I go long enough without a bleed I might be a candidate for the blood thinners? My practice likes to rotate between drs for appointments, which I don't care for, but I'll see if they can at least schedule me to see the same US tech each time.

What's Your Story? Tell us. / Re: Back for round 3
« on: March 16, 2018 at 05:54 PM »
Had my anatomy scan today. It was a little early so they have to check a few things on my next scan too, but everything seemed healthy today. Cervical length still normal which is good since painful regular contractions are a daily occurrence for me now usually lasting a few hours at a time. No new bleeds so I've gone a few weeks without losing blood now  ;D

Baby girl was measuring about a week small on everything, which the dr seemed completely unconcerned about. I'm a little more worried since she'd been measuring perfect or a day over for her dates up to this point, and between my many early scans and the fact that we were tracking ovulation when I conceived there isn't a shadow of doubt on my dating. Also concerning for me was the fact that the placenta is completely covering my septum, the dr didn't really have much to say about it, but I'm sure it is not a good thing since there isn't normal blood flow to my septum.

It was bad news on my dogs CT this week so now having to figure out how to manage either end-of-life care for him or taking him a long way for radiation therapy without putting any strain on my pregnancy. No such thing as a good time for a loved pet to get sick but this is definitively a bad time for it to happen.

What's Your Story? Tell us. / Re: SCH and on pelvic rest
« on: March 14, 2018 at 09:02 PM »
Hi TR,

Welcome to the group. Have you been bleeding much? I had multiple large SCHs with this pregnancy but finally passed them a few weeks ago. From what I understand they can either come out or get absorbed. Was super scary for me when mine came out since they were bigger than baby and there was blood everywhere...since then no sign of new ones though. Hopefully you'll get the all clear on your next scan and be back on your feet in no time, with previous healthy full-term pregnancies I can't imagine they'd keep you on bedrest once the SCH disappears.

To be honest going stir crazy is part this whole thing, no way to avoid it. I've been working on my Spanish online lately to keep me busy since brushing up on my language skills is something I've been meaning to do for years. Sometimes you just need something that feels more productive than TV, internet, and reading. Patching all my husbands jeans and learning crochet is also on my list.

Hi Anish,

If it helps I went 5 weeks beyond passing my mucus plug before delivering my son. Good luck on your scan tomorrow.

Preterm Labor: Anything and Everything / Re: Modified Bed Rest
« on: March 13, 2018 at 10:15 AM »
To answer your question on the c-section, my experience with it was absolutely horrific but complicated by a number of things that aren't typical: massive bloodloss from my abruption and the extra time it took me to get a transfusion definitely slowed down the healing and increased my initial pain perception, then the exercise it took to get me to the NICU each day also slowed down my healing. I have a ridiculous sensitivity to medication (even a child size does of painkillers makes me sleep all day) so I went med free for almost all the recovery too which I do not recommend. By the time my baby came home from the hospital (11 weeks later) I was still is as much pain as the first week. It got a little better by 4 months, but extensive pain continued for about 6 months altogether, and unfortunately my endometriosis got into the scar when it was healing, so my scar swells up and gets super painful with my cycles even after all this time. The only positive I can say about it is for vanity, my scar is barely noticeable when it's not swollen.

If I get any choice about my delivery method there is no way I would do another c-section. Unfortunately it's not often a choice, I would suggest reading up on more positive experiences than mine; I think 6 weeks is more typical for a recovery so if it's possible arrange extra help for yourself during that time because if you don't rest and let it heal the healing can take a long long time.

Consider a c-section recovery in your nursery setup, bending will be particular difficult so changing table instead of a pad on the floor helps, and a high bassinet like the halo instead of starting baby in a crib helps too. Make sure for your post-partum wardrobe you have some empire waist dresses and high waisted underwear, anything that puts even the slightest pressure on your scar will be uncomfortable.

Hi Lauren,

I can't be much help to since my complications are quite different, but my heart goes out to you, that is so soon after a devastating loss to be dealing with a high-risk pregnancy. Given your ultrasound results I would try and seen by your dr for another ultrasound again as soon as possible, they will probably be able to get a much clearer idea of what's going on with your cervix if they do a scan when you aren't having contractions (I'm guessing braxton-hicks since you weren't feeling them?). The sludge does sound terrifying, are you already seeing a high-risk ob (mfm)? On bedrest? So many doctors don't prescribe bedrest anymore, but don't be afraid to make that decision for yourself if it will give you any peace of mind.

Somehow still cooking at 17 weeks now. Biggest thing keeping me motivated is how excited my son is to get a baby sister. My belly spends a lot of time getting kissed, sang to, patted, and read to...he's already a great big brother, even putting aside clothes and toys of his he thinks the baby will like!

Friday is my next cervical length check and anatomy scan. We survived a trip to L&D last week for 14 hours of contractions, things still haven't completely calmed down though, last night I was up for 3 hours with more strong contractions. Another storm front is moving in here tonight and tomorrow, I'm nervous I'll end up back in L&D with it...will be on my own too with no way to get out the driveway if there is more than a few inches of snow since my hubby is going to need to take our AWD for his long drive to my son's appointment.

Fed up of the pain and the worry. Our 7yr old dog who is a big fluffy bundle of love is sick too, CT scan for him on Wednesday but they are expecting it to be nasal cancer beyond treatment, so every week I make it closer to this baby living, our favorite dog will be a week closer to his death. Extra frustrated to not be able to take him long walks and play with him in the backyard right now  :-[

Preterm Labor: Anything and Everything / Re: Modified Bed Rest
« on: March 11, 2018 at 02:36 PM »
Congrats on making it so far and getting some restrictions lifted! What fantastic news  ;D

My dr from last time would call this "couch-potato bedrest". My non-medical opinion: until you hit 37 weeks and you are ok with baby coming I would still try and keep the weight off your cervix, but definitely enjoy your meals at the table again, take slighter longer showers, split your time between bed and couch, let yourself get up to fetch a glass of water etc. I wouldn't try chores or cooking or anything remotely resembling exercise yet.

The muscle atrophy is hard to recover from, and it is unlikely you'll really make any progress with it until after your baby is born. My personal non-voluntary exercise program after extended bed-rest (and an emergency c-section) was 1 mile up a steep hill early every morning (to the NICU from the Ronald McDonald house) and the 1 mile down the same hill late at night for 10 weeks. That was enough to recondition my legs to the point where they didn't hurt anymore, but I would not recommend doing it as early as I did after a birth. For my upper body lifting my kid and carrying him round did the reconditioning, the difference is so extreme that he never seems to have gotten heavier to me, he's almost 4 now and I lift him as easily now as I did when he came home weighing 7lbs.

Best of luck to you!

What great news! A stable cervical length at this point is a big reason to celebrate, and it sounds like your baby boy is growing well. For what it's worth my drs were way off on EFW, mine were both born 10oz bigger than the estimates so it's possible you'll pass the 1.5kg mark this week. At 28 wks 6 days my sons birth weight was 3lbs 3oz, just shy of the 1.5kg mark.

I think it's good news that baby is breech, less pressure on that cervix could be making all the difference, and when you get close to term and start moving around more baby is more likely to flip than while you are stuck in bed all day. I think most pregnant moms get to worry about the how-is-baby-getting-out part more than we do; concerns about breech birth or c-sections are for moms with normal pregnancies, here that is just a minor concern since all our focus is on how-to-keep-baby-in!

If the weather is nice where you are, celebrate slightly relaxed rules on bedrest by getting outside and laying in a deck chair. Sunshine is so healing after a long stay in bed.

What's Your Story? Tell us. / Re: Pregnant again after early loss
« on: March 09, 2018 at 06:20 PM »
That's great news on the scan and cervical length, sounds like there is a very good chance you'll make it to viability if things are stable at this point. You'll find out on the downs for sure when baby is born, and if they are loved that is all that matters.

Is your next scan your anatomy/midpregnancy scan? Will be a relief to find out that he is otherwise healthy I'm sure. I'm a little nervous for mine since I guess they'll be looking extra close for heart defects since my son had a small hole in his heart.

Feeling kicks yet? I definitely have an active little girl in there. One of the most reassuring things about getting this far  :D

What's Your Story? Tell us. / Re: Back for round 3
« on: March 09, 2018 at 06:04 PM »
Follow up was uneventful. I'm still cramping but no bleeding, contractions or fluid loss. OB decided against a speculum exam since they are worried even that slight disturbance could set me off again (was the same thing at the hospital, at this point they barely dare to touch me lol). Most of the appointment was just answering my questions about various interventions (I'd need to be transferred to a bigger hospital if a rescue cerclage was indicated, but might not be something they'd do anyway if I'm booming out contractions). Apparently I still need to go to hospital every time contractions start up though since a miscarriage at this stage isn't safe to DIY at home.

I thought the dr would look at me like I was crazy when she asked me what I thought triggered the contractions; my answer, the winter storm. (background here: after 2+ weeks of being stable after PPROMing with my daughter in 2012 I went into labor when a major summer storm rolled in. I wasn't the only one either, L&D was so busy that night they had women curtained off giving birth in the hallways. I had to hold off pushing at 10cm dilated while they got a room ready for me)

My migraines are always super sensitive to changes in barometric pressure, and the night before these contractions started it I was feeling it, super restless, up a lot in the night with nausea and headaches, struggled with migraine aura all morning before I went from cramping to contractions, and once the storm passed things seemed to settle down again. Anyway my OB seemed to agree that this was a possibility, I guess it's something they notice with storms in the L&D ward even if it's not been scientifically proven. Unfortunately there's not much I can do to protect myself from the weather patterns.

OBmom to answer your question, no new bleeding (hooray!), and they didn't put me on an IV drip since I was already super well hydrated, but that is common practice here too. (that's one thing I do well; I track my water consumption throughout the day and increase it if my urine looks even a tiny bit yellow). Good luck with your ultrasound today!

What's Your Story? Tell us. / Re: Made it!!!
« on: March 09, 2018 at 12:42 PM »
Congratulations on your baby boy, what an amazing outcome! Hope his NICU visit was very brief and you get to take him home soon :-)

Congrats on making it to 36 weeks, it is definitely still best for baby if you keep cooking just a little bit longer. If you have people in your life who would believe you'd made it up for attention don't feel like you need to validate yourself to them because honestly they probably aren't very good friends if they would believe something like that.

Wishing you a happy full-term delivery  :)

What's Your Story? Tell us. / Re: Back for round 3
« on: March 08, 2018 at 12:05 PM »
so here I go with more pregnancy drama. After going 6 whole days without bleeding, out of nowhere yesterday I started up with painful contractions 3 mins apart. Tried to ride them out, ignore them, lay down drink lots of water and hope they'd go away but they kept up and when they got more painful after 4 hours I finally called my OB and they sent me straight to labor and delivery.  I was still reluctant to go since it meant driving 45 mins through a snowstorm to get to the hospital, but worried that if I ignored them I might miss the window where a rescue cerclage could have helped.

Hospital staff was great, had read my file and reviewed all my recent scans so they were very prepared when I got there. Got me checked in and quickly sent me for an ultrasound to measure cervical length and amniotic fluids and check for bleeds. Thankfully everything looked good on the scan, they gave me the option to stay the night in case things got worse, or go home. I went home and finally around 2am the contractions slowed down and then stopped. I'm exhausted this morning but my uterus is calm right now. I'm pretty depressed how early this is happening, I made it to 18 weeks before contractions started last time so contractions at 16 weeks doesn't bode well for me, I'm worried it will result in another abruption or PPROM or turn into genuine preterm labor. I've a feeling my hospital visit yesterday is going to be the first of many.

One thing I'll share that I was very grateful for; when I'd seen my OB earlier in the week I'd specifically discussed with her what the plan would be if/when I started contracting. I guess usually at this gestation women get sent to the ER for evaluation, but because of my history she added a note to my file that I was to be sent to L&D for any problems instead, this really helped with the stress of it all last night not having to wait for hours in a crowded ER.

Back to the office for a follow-up visit tomorrow, hopefully everything still looks ok then.

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