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Hi there -

Any of you have a cerclage out there? My question is kinda TMI... If you have a cerclage, are there times you go the bathroom and feel like you have a tampon in? Every once in a while I do, and it sometimes triggers my nerves that something negative is happening, but I feel like I remember the feeling in the past as something like that. (this is my third cerclage, you'd think I'd remember or be used to it, but somehow you forget and/or the fears can still nag at you!)

Thanks! Just needing some reassurance that feeling is "normalish."

What's Your Story? Tell us. / Pregnancy #4 - dealing with "PTSD"
« on: October 24, 2016 at 11:30 PM »
Hey there - thought this would be a good place to vent about my current story! I'm in pregnancy #4... woot! The first one ended at 21 weeks (incompetent cervix); the other two were successes (with cerclages!) with my sons now being two and four. My husband and I never felt quite complete with our family with just two kids, although because of my complications, I think we assumed it wouldn't happen or we would adopt or something. But we decided to go ahead and have #4. I'm almost seven weeks along, but I'm having some minor PTSD symptoms that I realized I had with the other pregnancies too. I don't really love that I'm already dealing with them. It's a little TMI (below), I know, but I also know that you mommas have been through a lot and understand. I thought I'd process a bit to help.

You see... during my first pregnancy at 20w3days, I went to the bathroom and when I sat down, my water bag dropped into my hand. It was the scariest moment because I had no clue what it was an thought it was my baby's head. we went to the hospital and my fluid drained... baby was awesome and hung on for a few days before I delivered him at 21 weeks.

Now, I have this nagging feeling in the back of my head every time I go to the bathroom that I need to get up as fast as I can so nothing falls out. I know that's weird, but today I connected it must be some bad connections in my head back to that day. It so stinks! But I just have to remember that going to the bathroom is natural and normal for pregnant women and that one-time event will be only a one-time event.

Anyhoo, I'm sure you all have your own stories... thanks for listening to mine.

Hi there -
My friend just went in for her 20-week appt. and saw there was low amniotic fluid and the baby has fluid in the lungs and, I think, other wrong spots. Do any of you know someone who has been in a situation like this and has a good story to tell? Thanks. I have two babies at home that came after length times of low activity and bedrest. You ladies are some of the strongest. Hugs.

Hi there! Yes, I have been through something similar to what you have been through... and it is possible! You are a strong lady and you can make it!

My first son came at 21 weeks due to do my water breaking early, and yes, we aren't 100% sure either if it was a random fluke of an infection or an incompetent cervix. I met with a high risk doctor at that time and she said I'd be high risk from then on and need a cerclage each pregnancy. What ended up happening was I decided to switch doctors to a smaller clinic that was more intimate and took excellent more detailed care of each patient. At first I was hesitant to switch, but I credit the switch to this doctor as part of my future pregnancy successes! They did start out by watching me and treating me as normal. They took an ultrasound at 8 wks and 12 weeks and based on how much my cervix did change in that time period, they put in a cerclage at 12 weeks. I think there was a few other times throughout the pregnancy as well that my doc said she was glad I had it put in.

So yes, I was on limited activity from the cerclage (no heavy lifting, limited activity, etc.) that turned into bedrest, partially because I had a small blood clot pass around 24 weeks and partially because I was freaked to have anything happen! I stayed down from 12 weeks until 36 weeks, when it was removed, and then stayed pretty low key for another two weeks until Brayden was born. I did have a couple visitsto the doctor for preterm labor, but still made it! Oh and the blood clot came because I overdid it the week my husband was out of town, so it was preventable!

Exactly two years after that, we got pregnant again and went through the same process, this time with a cerclage at 11.5 weeks and a big baby coming at almost 39 weeks! I dealt with PTL a couple times, but one time we checked and my cervix was actually super long! I had help with my 18 month old (now two years) so I didn't lift him.

All that to say... I was able to do more during the third pregnancy because I knew my limits. The most important thing is to listen to your body. When in doubt, lay down and rest. Don't lift more than 5-10 lbs. Make sure you have a doc who you are comfortable with and trust. You may not need to be on strict bedrest, but more of a modified bedrest. I'd perhaps say push for the cerclage if only to make you feel more comfortable. It was such a relief to know that something had been done and my baby was stitched in place. I don't think 14 weeks would be too late for a cerclage. I think they can do a preventative one all the way up to 16 weeks? And I did have a friend who had a rescue cerclage at 20 weeks and had a healthy baby!

So all that to say, you can do it! It is the longest, hardest journey, but so worth it. I have two boys sitting in bed with me right now as I type. :-) Set a lot of mental goals for yourself... for me it was TV specials, holidays, 24 weeks for viability, etc. Ask for details from your doc of what you may be able to do. My doc gave me very helpful guidelines the first time around, so try and let them be as specific as possible.

I found someone on this forum who I emailed through the end of my second and all of my third pregnancy. I vented to her about anything and everything. If you want to email me your updates and questions and whatever, please do!

I could probably keep rambling, and I hope you don't mind the super long post, but do know that this is possible, and although each day is super long, time will pass and you will hold your baby in your arms!

Hi there! Yes, you will probably want to take some type of preventative action for future pregnancies, partially so you can know that something proactive is being done and you don't need to only wait for something to go wrong. For me, we lost our first at 21 weeks, which they attributed to an incompetent cervix. For all future pregnancies, they said I would need a cerclage to stitch my cervix shut in future pregnancies. It would go in at 12 weeks and be taken out at 36 weeks. During that time I'd be on limited activity, which I've found out seems to be defined differently from doc to doc and pregnancy to pregnancy. Maybe that could be a question for your doctor.

I now have two beautiful healthy boys, both born on the same day ironically! One is two years old and one was just born. Long story short, for the second pregnancy, I got a cerclage at 12 weeks and was on limited activity for six months that became more bedrest when I had a small blood clot at 24 weeks or so and got scared that something bad was happening. A lot of help from friends and family came during that time, thankfully. It was rough, especially since we had bad memories from the way the first pregnancy ended. The doc did say a couple times that she was very glad I had the cerclage. My hubby and I were glad because we knew this one was stitched in place and we wouldn't have the surprise from last time of something bad happening.

The next pregnancy (which I just finished) I had a cerclage at 11.5 weeks and it came out at 36 weeks. This one I knew my limits more of what I could and couldn't do (limited movement and limited lifting mainly) and I could push myself in some ways that I didn't previously... overall, I was able to stay a lot more active with this one than previously.

During both pregnancies, I had to go in for a bladder infection which was causing preterm labor, and also to stop preterm labor. I also credit my OB and clinic for their attention to detail in taking care of their patients, that I didn't have with my first doctor (who I left for pregnancy 2 and 3). I wasn't with a high risk doc like the first high risk doc suggested, but it was just a great clinic that was small enough to pay attention to little things and my concerns.

The end story is that I was able to go to 38 weeks 2 days and 5 days with both boys... and yes, I even delivered a 9 lb. 10 oz baby just a few weeks ago! He had plenty of time to cook and I am glad he didn't cook too much longer! ;-)

So there's my story! I hope that helps you. I have had a very blessed outcome given the way my first pregnancy went. It's super not easy to have the cerclage and be down and have concern about making it to the end of your pregnancy, but it is worth it on the other side of things. (my email is if you have any further questions!)

Congratulations! You did it! :) such a huge accomplishment!

I did have c diff after being doused with antibiotics when my water broke at 20 weeks with my first. (Pi just had my third!) the doc put me thru a few rounds of meds that didn't do much. What wound up working, even though it took time, was I worked with a chiropractor to take a natural route to healing. The biggest thingi did was take plenty of probiotics to replenish everything that was lost with the antibiotics. It took 3-5 months of taking them (often more than the bottle prescribed because extra can't hurt you) until the diarrhea went away. Since then I haven't had issues! So that's food for thought once you leave the hospital, if u r still dealing with it. (I just remember the medical docs not having much hope, but it doesn't have to stay!)

Blessings to you on the final stretch of this journey!

Making the Best of Bed Rest / Re: Monday Roll Call for December 23, 2013
« on: December 23, 2013 at 05:36 PM »
Hi there! I hit 36 weeks today! I had a cerclage at 12 weeks and it comes out this Thursdays. I am SO thrilled to be here and grateful since I had a few PTL scares. I have an almost-two-year old at home and I've had a nanny to help since I had lifting restrictions. Thankfully, the countdown is closer than ever to being able to lift him and care for him on my own. I'm definitely an introvert, so I've been grateful for the help but am SUPER excited to have my house back to myself in the soon future.

To all of you mamas... the time does pass, even though it doesn't seem like it! And there have been days where it was like, all I can get through is this hour and this afternoon, but somehow, 13 weeks has turned into 36. A loooooong road, but well worth it. Now I can start picturing this becoming a reality again!

hugs to you!

Making the Best of Bed Rest / Re: Monday Roll Call for November 18, 2013
« on: November 18, 2013 at 10:00 AM »
Morning! I'm 31 weeks today with a cerclage in place that comes out the day after Christmas. I'm on limited activity and dealt with a UTI last week that wasn't super fun. Overall, this has gone pretty well. Dealing with contractions last week played mental games with me, so I'm doing my best to relax now!

I've had a bad habit of loving sugar in general, but it seems amped up during this pregnancy, partially because my hubby's going through health issues too. Sugar can be a good stress reliever although it doesn't help the body health-wise!

Blessings to all of you mommas as you continue your journey! I keep reminding myself this is worth it! :-)

What's Your Story? Tell us. / Re: new here & sharing my story
« on: November 11, 2013 at 10:10 PM »
welcome aboard! This has been a great place to ask questions and get encouraged because it's definitely a journey to walk through bedrest of any sort. Laying low is a great way to make it through the journey you have ahead. Take it one day at a time and picture the ending as much as possible - a beautiful baby and child to raise. That's what gets me through. :-) Hugs to you! You'll do great!

What's Your Story? Tell us. / Re: I guess this is my story...
« on: October 31, 2013 at 09:45 AM »
Yes! Welcome to the forum! Congratulations on having another baby! Good job on taking it easy... you have to do what you are comfortable with and then relax a little beyond that. Just last night I was thinking, goodness, I'm on the couch again for another night? But that's the best way to let baby grow inside with minimal pressure on the cervix. (I'm 28 weeks, pregnancy #3, one baby at home, one in heaven, second cerclage in place, on light activity). Get creative with schooling! You never know what your kids can come up with to help you during the pregnancy while learning at the same time!

I have relatives in the Chippewa Falls area... are you anywhere close to that?

Take it one day at a time... February is getting closer and closer, as crazy as that seems! Blessings to you!

What's Your Story? Tell us. / Re: Joining the group...21 weeks today
« on: October 31, 2013 at 09:40 AM »
Welcome to the forum! This has been a helpful place for me to find support and ask questions. I totally hear you about giving up the dream of these beautiful pregnancies ... I still battle with that. I don't think there is an easy answer for it, but I do know that once my first full-term baby came, all the memories of bedrest faded away and I knew I wanted to go through it at least one more time. My first pregnancy was cut short because of IC and baby #1 came at 21 weeks then went to be with Jesus. With #2, I had a cerclage at 12 weeks and basically was on low activity for the next six months. Same thing with baby #3, and I'm in the middle of that pregnancy right now. The months are soooo daunting to look at, but if you come up with a bunch of countdowns and take it day by day it helps. For me, I come up with even silly countdowns like next week is the CMA awards and I love watching Brad and Carrie host! Then the holidays help it go a little faster and online shopping! I quickly memorized my credit card number when I was on bedrest! My husband doesn't know what to do with all the packages in the mail! He's like another one? and I'd say, yeah, but this was free because of this and this and this! lol...

So I'm just rambling a bit, but know that you are a strong woman. You are not alone, and you can do this. Keep hope in front of you because you never know what kind of miracle you can live out. One hour, one moment, one day at a time, and the weeks will go by! Blessings to you!

I'm sorry your pregnancies have been so crazy, and am also extremely grateful that you have two healthy children! Keep focused on that! Trust your mommy instincts and when in doubt, ask for help! It's better to ask for help and be assured everything is okay than to keep worrying about it! Take it easy and know you are doing a good thing and keep faith and this baby will be healthy and the pregnancy can go better than expected!! Blessings to you! You are a very strong woman... keep faith and hope at the front! :-)

What's Your Story? Tell us. / Re: Am I just being paranoid?
« on: September 25, 2013 at 06:03 PM »
I might not be the best to answer because I've had my own questions about me being paranoid! :-) But I think we each have a motherly instinct that we can trust... if you're instinct is not to drive, don't drive. If you're okay with some movement, but need to rest other times, do it. If it's uncomfortable pain and you're overly concerned, that's when I'd suggest going in.

I'm 23 weeks along and have started noticing BH contractions more than I remember previously, but I think it's because I know what they felt like last time and I have something to compare them to. I am resting (due to cerclage) and drinking water like crazy (and then getting up to go the bathroom all the time) and keeping an eye on them and I haven't seen anything consistent.... all that to say, you know your body best and if you need reassurance or even medicine to stop contractions, go in. If you think you're going to be fine, give yourself a time limit... like if have six more in this next half hour or I feel more pressure or something like that... and then if it continues go in. If anything is out of the ordinary for you or your body, call and/or go in.

Hope that helps. Never feel bad about going in or calling or just getting checked!

Making the Best of Bed Rest / Re: struggling with this
« on: September 22, 2013 at 01:02 AM »
Hi there! Congrats on getting this far... You are doing a great job! Keep taking it one day at a time. Even if you need to, take it one minute and one hour at a time. You are hard at work laying in bed and resting... So hard to comprehend, but it is true! Worry is a nasty enemy because it gets you nowhere except stressed out. Try to keep your mind preoccupied with positive and good thoughts or even pointless thoughts like computer games and tv shows. Listening to soothing music can be good. For me, prayer helps. You do have a beautiful testimony that is proof it can happen again. Hope that helps. If you need an email buddy, you are welcome to email me at

Preterm Labor: Anything and Everything / Re: Quick ? on BH and dehydration
« on: September 06, 2013 at 11:50 AM »
Thank you both for your replies! My doc confirmed what both of you said - dehydration and stress will go hand in hand with contractions. Thankfully, all is extremely well. I calmed down much further the day before my appt and didn't feel much and then the appt went great. My cervix is holding super strong and steady, as is the cerclage. I feel encouraged going into the next stretch knowing that!

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