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I had her on Friday anyone know any forms with parents with premature babies? Love to hear others stories just so hard not having her home

Delivered my little one at 23 weeks 3 days she's doing great never found a love like this

Good day,

Anyone experience this I was advised that I could have a cartleage done but it can come with risk or just sit tight and hope my water doesn't break in so nervous and don't know what to do.

I am now told I have a bulging membrane and 2cm dialted anyone experience this?

Have you had your baby already or are you still pregnant?

That's great but what does bed rest really mean just laying in need all day or should be sitting be OK she said I'll be doing ultrasounds every 2weeks

Thanks for the feed back.!! very encouraging !

Thanks for the in site  yeah i have no cramping but i am on progesterone tablets. And i take it as easy laying as much as possible sitting up one 5 hrs or less a day.

Good day,

I am new to this forum and at my anatomical appointment was advised that I have a short cervix measuring at 2.3-2.5
and funneling. Dr advised me to do bed rest. no heavy lifting no walking up the stairs. didn't really explain what bed rest meant so if any one please tell me. also has anyone had a short cervix and given birth at full term or ran into any other complications?

- new mother and new to this forum 

Good day,

I am 20 weeks 5 days and Dr advised that my cervix is measuring at 2.3-2.5 and funneling. she advised me to go on bed rest
no heavy lifting and walking up stairs 2x day. this is my first pregnancy I am so nervous don't really get what bed rest means do I have to stay in bed all day cause she didn't really specify. she is putting me on pills that i have to insert in the vagina nightly to stop thinning of the cervix my next appt isn't until 2 weeks. has anyone else experienced this early, and given birth full term?

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