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Hello, I hope my story gives you hope. I know reading others sure helped me through it! My first pregnancy ended at 19 weeks unexpectedly, I went in 7cm dialated and there was nothing we could do by that point. We had no idea at that point why I lost my son, so we decided to try again. My doctors watched me closely with my 2nd pregnancy, at 16 weeks we seen my cervix was already half way shortened, so I had emergency cerclage placed the next morning. I was placed on strict bedrest at home. Over the next month it continued to shorten, by 23 weeks I was to my stitch, no more cervix left. I was very worried and thought to myself it would be anytime. I made it until 32 weeks! My water broke and I went to the hospital, I stayed another week on hospital bedrest and my daughter was born at 33 weeks and 1 day. She was perfect just tiny, 4lbs 9oz. She only stayed 10 days in nicu to learn how to eat good, and now she's thriving at almost 12 lbs :) 17 weeks on bedrest wasn't fun at all, but it was worth it. I am not advised to try again because we are certain I have incompetent cervix. I hope you the best!!!! Prayers for you and sweet baby 

Making the Best of Bed Rest / Re: Monday Roll Call for July 3, 2017
« on: July 03, 2017 at 04:26 PM »
Just giving everyone an update, I delivered my sweet baby girl this morning at 2am. She made it another week after my water broke. She was 33 weeks and 1 day. Weighing 4lbs 9oz, she seems to be doing good, on cpap room air for now. Thank you to everyone for keeping me sane while on bedrest for 17 weeks!!! Hope all the other mommas who delivered last week are doing well!!!

Just wanted to give an update, I guess this is everyone's week to go in! Last night my water broke and I'm dialated 2cm with cerclage still in. I was transferred an hour away to a nicu hospital. Trying to keep cooking as long as we can but it might be any day now! Also thoughts and prayers for everyone who welcomed their beautiful babies this week!!!

The crazy thing is I never had any contractions till recently, now that I'm in the 30s I've felt lots of pressure and contractions. But before I had no idea I was down to the stitch! I think the cerclage and bedrest has really been the reason I have made it this far! And if your cervix keeps going down don't be discouraged, I kept telling myself even though it went down we've made it another week and baby is still cooking!

No, I didn't this time. I lost my first baby at 19 weeks. I went in the ER with bleeding to find out I was 7cm dialated with bulging membranes. There was no way they could help me at that point. So this time they watched me closer with ultrasound. That's when we found out at 16 weeks it was starting to go down again. Thankful we caught it this time. Sounds like you're doing great!!! And so awesome you made it over 24 weeks!!!

Hello , I had an emergency cerclage at 16 weeks with 2 cm left. After the cerclage my cervix kept going down, and I was to the stitch at 23 weeks with no measurable cervix. I will be 32 weeks tomorrow! I have been on bed rest for 4 months, no one thought we would make it this far! Keep having faith, it seems like these cerclages are pretty strong!

Making the Best of Bed Rest / Re: Monday Roll Call for June 19,2017
« on: June 21, 2017 at 05:09 PM »
Suzie, good luck!!! You and your boys will be in my thoughts and prayers!!! Making it to 35 is so awesome!!!

So glad to see everyone still cooking!!! This week makes 12 weeks for me on bedrest at home. I'm currently 28+2 weeks, so thankful to make it this far. Hoping to get past 30, have a doc appointment in the morning. Hoping cerclage is still holding and fluid levels are higher, I had low amniotic fluid last week. It's been nice to have some family around this weekend, even though I haven't been able to be outta bed. Hope everyone has a good week!!!


 I am 27 weeks, been on bedrest at home 11 weeks now. Had a cerclage at 16 weeks when cervix was down to 2cm. Now I am down to the stitch, also they told during an ultrasound today I have low amniotic fluid, so I am suppose to drink as much as possible. I also cross stitch and watch Netflix. Only get up to use the bathroom and shower twice a week. Glad to make it this far and hope to keep cookin!!!

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