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Preterm Labor: Anything and Everything / Re: Snot like discharge
« on: April 17, 2019 at 01:57 PM »
I had my preventive cerclage placed at 16 weeks, currently 27+5 weeks and only up until the last 4-5 days I’ve been having discharge. At first it was a tiny bit but today it’s increase🙈 I saw my ob yesterday and she said not to worry about it, that I probably over did it. I’m on bedrest and progesterone suppositories. I never had this with my first pregnancy. It’s kind of scaring me.

Thank you Angela. I keep trying to remind myself it’s only temporary and it’s all for the greater good and having another sibling for my son to grow up with.

Currently pregnant for the second time. First pregnancy doctors discovered I had a shortened cervix(2.3 cm) and 2 cm dilated. I got a rescue cerclage at 19wks and 4 days and then put on bedrest till 28 weeks plus progesterone suppositories. I returned to work after 28 weeks gestation. The lowest cervical measurement was 2.1cm. I ended up going into labour with my son at 37 weeks on the dot! Very grateful for
I’m on my second pregnancy with a preventative cerclage put in at 16 weeks, currently 24 weeks, been on progesterone since 6 weeks due to low progesterone and past history and bedrest since 16 weeks. My highest cervical measurement this time around has been 3cm post cerclage when it fell from 3.6 cm.
I’m very grateful for where I am right now but I’m finding bedrest harder this time. Having a toddler(who will be 3 end of May) brings a lot of mom guilt. I can’t do much with him or even take him out, but he’s just happy to have me home.

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